[VIDEO]Juan Williams Tries to Convince Martha McCallum That Dems Never Wanted to “Defund the Police” LOL

[VIDEO]Juan Williams Tries to Convince Martha McCallum That Dems Never Wanted to “Defund the Police” LOL

Juan Williams thinks you’re an idiot.

All Dems, including dementia patient Joe Biden, think Americans are stupid fools who can be easily manipulated.

And while that may be true of their gullible, low-info base, the rest of us are not morons.

We watched as Dems spent months and months punishing the “Defund the Police” movement… it got so popular and so mainstream for Dems, that even Joe Biden wanted the police defunded.


On a side note, it’s truly shocking how much Joe has declined mentally and physically since that video clip two years ago. He wasn’t “sharp” back then, but compared to how he is now, he seems like the most mentally fit guy on the planet.


So, yes, we all remember the left’s big push to defund the police, and it was the rich, white radicals in the party who suggested it — and the rich, white radicals are running the party, so of course, what they say, goes.

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However, it will come as no big surprise, that once again, the rich white radicals, who live in low-crime, gated comminutes, are not in-tune with average Americans, and we saw crime soar and lower and middle-class Americans demanded their police forces back.

Liberal cities are a violent, hopeless mess right now… the entire “Defund the Police” was one of the biggest political blunders of all time.

Now, as their polls crash, Dems are trying to pretend they’re the party of “police and safety” and are introducing these “anti-crime” plans, and acting as if they had nothing to do with “Defund the Police.”

Clowns like Juan Williams are even going on TV and re-writing history, as if “Defund the Police” was just some crazy idea by fringe radicals, that nobody ever took seriously.

Um, what?????

Well, let me tell you, Martha MacCallum was not letting him get away with that…

You can watch the video below:

This is how Dems deal with their failed policies… they try to re-write history and pretend it never happened.

They do the same thing with that violent and deadly “Summer of Love.”

We’re supposed to pretend like the left didn’t roam the streets like a gang of thugs, burning down businesses and killing people for MONTHS, while everyone in the country watched in horror?

Over 21 people were killed in the mayhem, for crying out loud.

But instead of focusing on that, the left wants us to be horrified and distraught that Chuck Schumer’s fax machine was vandalized on January 6th.

That’s the same type of thing Juan is doing here with his refusal to accept that Dems pushed “Defund the Police,” hard.

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