[VIDEO] On This #July4Th, These Gentlemen Want to Remind Joe That He SUCKS and Bring Back Trump!

[VIDEO] On This #July4Th, These Gentlemen Want to Remind Joe That He SUCKS and Bring Back Trump!

You can’t find anyone who will admit on camera that they’re a Biden supporter.


Seriously, it’s bad. Where are these 81 million supporters of his?

Are they all on a one-year sabbatical or something?

All joking aside, I watch a lot of these “man on the street” videos, and in all of them I have seen ONE person claim to be a Biden supporter, and it was the weakest support I’ve ever seen…The kid was basically just anti-Trump, not pro-Biden.

It seems like everyone in the US is united against this crazy old fool.

And these two guys I am about to show you, are speaking for most of us… and it seems very fitting for #July4th, doesn’t it?

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When asked what they would say to Joe Biden if he were standing in front of them, the one guy said that he’d tell Joe that he’s old, and he’s falling off bikes, and it’s over for him.

His friend piped up and said he’d tell Joe to let Trump come back.

That’s perfect.

I’d say the exact same things!

You can watch the video below:

I just love it when regular/sane/average Americans speak out.

You don’t need polls to tell you how we think and feel.


Just ask a couple of normal guys like this, and TRUST ME, what they say will represent the majority of us.

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