[VIDEO] Kamala Dishes Up Her Most Wordy “Word Salad” Yet, And Even Liberals Are Sick Of It

[VIDEO] Kamala Dishes Up Her Most Wordy “Word Salad” Yet, And Even Liberals Are Sick Of It

Kamala is like Joe.

She can’t string a sentence together… and when she finally slaps something together, just like Joe, nobody knows what the hell she’s even talking about.

This just happened again.


Kamala put together one of her biggest and most epic word salads… This time in Highland Park, Illinois, following the mass shooting at a July 4th parade, where 7 people were killed and dozens more injured by a mentally sick lunatic.

These two dullards are the “Abbot and Costello” of phony “presidential admins.”

Kamala and Joe are two people that can’t swim, who are trying to tread water but are sinking fast.

And it’s gotten so bad for Kamala, that liberals are now over it.

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Once again, Kamala tried to sound profound and ended up sounding like she was giving a report on a book she had never read.

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“Vice President Kamala Harris just spoke at the scene of the Highland Park mass shooting. “We have to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to take this seriously,” she said.”

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online are saying:

“I voted for Biden, and I am asking please, no more speeches by her or him.”

“I think I finally understand her speechwriting technique. Take one adverb and repeat it 1000x.”

“Biden could have picked a pet rock for VP that would make more sense than Kamala. She makes less sense every time she speaks.🤡”

“As someone who voted for this admin, I am frustrated that she continues having the same issues over and over. If I can see that this is a problem, why can’t she and her staff?”

“Every single 10 second “speech” she gives feels like an excruciatingly long 2nd grade book report where it’s very obvious the student didn’t read a damn thing”

“it’s so funny that every single statement from her on anything is like this”

“I just hate that the right pounces on this, and it’s the only thing anyone focuses on. Come on, Kamala, get it together”

“She speaks like she’s using predictive text”

“A very serious person, seriously”

Clearly, this is exactly who Kamala is: a phony woman, who’s in way over her head.

She could hide much of her ineptitude when she was not on the main stage, but now, she’s got nowhere to go.


The emperor and his veep definitely have no clothes.

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