SCOOP: Looks Like Kamala’s Buckling Under The Pressure Of Those “Word Salads”

SCOOP: Looks Like Kamala’s Buckling Under The Pressure Of Those “Word Salads”

As we all know, Kamala Harris is a train wreck.


She’s so bad, that the country would rather have a raging Alzheimer’s patient at the helm, over her.

I mean, that’s pretty sad, isn’t it?

Kamala has been drawing a lot of criticism for her cringe-worthy speeches, which have been called “word salads,” because they make no sense, and she just kinda says a bunch of random words over and over.

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Lately, the word salads have gotten a lot worse, and it seems like everything she says is a jumbled-up, silly mess.

Well, now, we’re getting an insider scoop that Kamala’s head speech writer is on her way out.

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Now, to be honest, I don’t know if they fired her, or if she’s bailing on her own.

So many people leave that admin, that it’s hard to keep track.

But since she’s only been there for less than 3 months, she’s probably not the “salad writer.”

Hmm. Maybe the word salads will continue after all, folks…

Politico reported that Kamala Harris’ director of speechwriting, Meghan Groob, is leaving the office less than four months into the job, two people familiar with the matter told POLITICO.


Groob was hired in April after Harris’ first chief speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, left at the end of February. She had previously worked as a speechwriter for Bill Gates and as an editorial director at Gates Ventures.

The comments are pretty funny:

“The speechwriter is looking forward to looking forward to spending more time, together, with their family, together, as a family, looking forward.”

“And that time is now.”

“She seriously has a speech writer? Seriously?”

“She had a speech writer????”

“And while she looks to the future, that time is now, and later, and the reason to be ahead of time, for everyone, and in doing so, we can all be at that point, together.”

“Her resignation, “and I’m leaving, as we all must leave, I leave and therefore will have left as we all must leave before we can be said to have left, leaving being the most important step toward having left. Hee hee.””

“I thought Jack Handy with Deep Thoughts was her speech writer.”

“If Meghan is the one responsible for Kamala’s latest word salads, this is no great loss.”

Well, time will tell if Meghan had anything to do with the word salads.


I tend to think Kamala is uncoachable, and every blunder she has made, she owns 100 percent.

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