Officials Claim Sudden Death of 24-year-Old Archeologist Was “Heat-Related” 

Officials Claim Sudden Death of 24-year-Old Archeologist Was “Heat-Related” 

There are an awful lot of young people “dying suddenly.”


I am not sure what’s going on, although I have my suspicions, as I am sure you do as well, one reason I am now seeing crop up a lot lately is that these young folks are dying from “heat stroke.”

That’s what just supposedly happened to a 24-year-old archeologist who was working outside in the afternoon heat in Louisiana.

According to reports, Kaylen Eileen Gehrke began not feeling well in the heat, and witnesses claim she was showing signs of “heat exhaustion.”

Things went from bad to worse, and Kaylen ended up in cardiac arrest, and sadly, she died.

It was her first day of work. Poor girl.

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NWS Shreveport says at 2:15 p.m. Monday, it was 98° outside in Natchitoches, where Kaylen was working, with a heat index of more than 107°.

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Granted, that is hot, and it was likely humid as well, even so, she was so young, shouldn’t they look into this further, given the circumstances of where we are right now in the world, with viruses and vaccines and such? Just to be safe.

KJAS reported that word is coming out of Louisiana that an archeologist from Longview, Texas died of an apparent heat stroke during her first day on the job.

They say 24-year-old Kaylen Eileen Gehrke was with her colleagues on a project in the Kisatchie National Forest in Natchitoches Parish when, at about 2:00 Monday afternoon, she suddenly fell ill with symptoms of heat exhaustion.


The report said that while an ambulance was responding, she quickly deteriorated and went into cardiac arrest, and people began performing CPR on her.

Paramedics also performed CPR, but despite their efforts, they were not able to revive her.

This is such a sad story, but we’re hearing so many like this.

These “sudden medical emergencies” are popping up like never before.

And while I understand that it’s hot out, she was such a young girl, what on earth was she going on an archeological dig that was causing her body to do so much extra work?


There are a lot of questions, let’s just hope that the family gets the answers they deserve and need to help them heal.

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