[VIDEO] LeBron Says Brittney Griner Should Seriously “Question” If She Ever Wants To Come Back to America 

[VIDEO] LeBron Says Brittney Griner Should Seriously “Question” If She Ever Wants To Come Back to America 

There is no activist athlete out there who hates America more than billionaire LeBron James does.


This guy has been blessed with a beautiful and gifted life, yet he seems so bitter, hateful, and miserable all the time.

Seriously, doesn’t he seem like a total downer?

We know for a fact that he hates the United States — he puts down the country that gave him this blessed life, every chance he gets.

And he really doubled down on his hatred for America when talking about WNBA player Brittney Griner’s imprisonment in Russia.

James is now saying that Brittney should question if she ever wants to come back to America since the US has proven that they “don’t have her back.”

Yes, this self-entitled narcissistic fool actually said this out loud.

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“this Britney Griner thing wears me out. She committed a crime in another country. This isn’t a United State thing. How could she be so ignorant? I agree them holding her this long is beyond what they should be doing but she isn’t innocent.”

“Maybe this woman shouldn’t have pissed on the flag and anthem so much? Just saying…” 

“This guy is living in his old world. He doesn’t even understand what’s really going on, but he talks like he thinks he’s an expert on everything” 

“There’s a reason Lebron James is the most unpopular athlete in America. He’s such a clueless fool” 

“The lady spent all her time trashing America, and now Le Bron wants everyone to have her back after she committed a crime? LOL” 

It’s amazing to me, how these elite ding-a-lings are so clueless.

Maybe America would have had “her back,” if she didn’t spend all her time and energy sh*tting all over the country like a spoiled rotten a-hole?

Also, she BROKE THE LAW in another country. Where’s the accountability for that, “King” James?


But of course, Le Bron wouldn’t dare think of this… this man only lives his life 2 inches from the end of his own nose. He knows nothing beyond that.

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