Have You Noticed What The Progressive Media Has Done to Weather Maps?

Have You Noticed What The Progressive Media Has Done to Weather Maps?

Raheem Kassam, the co-host of War Room, has done it again.

Yes, he’s always filled with great observations, but he really knocked it outta the park with this latest one.

Mainly, because when he said it, it was like “YES, OMG, How could I not have noticed this before?” But now that he’s pointed it out, I can’t stop seeing it.

So, what is this amazing thing that Raheem called out?

Weather maps.

That’s right, our once friendly, happy, and sunny weather maps, have turned into something that looks like it’s from the 7th layer of molten hell.

Raheem took to his Substack where he shared images of past weather maps, compared to what the progressive media uses today…. all in an effort to promote “CLIMATE CHANGE,”of course.

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The sun is no longer a yellow happy face, now it’s a deep, demonic red color, that is trying to kill you.

Here are a couple of examples from Raheem’s piece, where he highlights European maps and US:


Good grief, the US looks like it’s Satan’s playground.

Here’s what Raheem had to say about the new “campaign against the sun” we’re all seeing:

while I’ve yet to pinpoint a specific source for this change, we all know what’s going on here, don’t we?

Yes, yes, of course, “climate change” and the alarmism around that is where it began. But we’re in this bizarre period of sun-denialism that will surely convert those of us who aren’t already into the slobs and sloths of Wall-E.

The sun and its effects are good, actually, for the most part.

Flowers seem to like it. Plants seem to like it. Animals seem to like it. During the COVID-19 pandemic I dare say we might’ve fared better if we had actually gotten some sun, instead of holing ourselves up inside wearing microplastic masks.

The recent media freakout over testicular tanning was another incident of slander against our life-giving sun. It has reached the point where I’m beginning to question whether this is linked to some strange, Bohemian Grove, moon-worship cultism affecting the people taking the decisions over weather-forecasting.

Or, maybe, we’ve just collectively whipped ourselves into yet another anthropocentric frenzy. Remember: we were supposed to run out of oil by the late 90s, and the o-zone layer was meant to be a distant memory by now. Remember that creepy commercial in Robocop 2?

I’m sure this has nothing to do with fear, control, and consumerism.

“Don’t go out in the sun! Buy Chinese-made vitamin d supplements instead! And if you do go out in the sun, buy all these skin products! Pre-sun! Apres-sun! Capri-Sun!”

“And if you do end up getting a headache from all this information about the sun and the o-zone layer and all the terrible things that nature is doing to us… well, take an Advil, or a vaccine! After all… these messages were brought to you by your friends at Big Pharma.”

The media is working overtime to scare people about “summer” and it’s not just with the maps.

Take a look at this:

The only thing the media is good for is creating fear, and pushing the left’s political agenda, and most of the time, those two things – fear and politics- go hand in hand.

If you go outside, you’ll get a blood clot and die…

What the heck? 

You should now be afraid to go outside for fear of catching viruses and being burned alive by the sun, which is seeking revenge on you because you didn’t recycle enough last month and you still refuse to buy an electric car.

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