Investigative Reporter Discusses Rumors, and Why Michelle Obama Was Registered to Vote as a “Male” From 1994-2008

Investigative Reporter Discusses Rumors, and Why Michelle Obama Was Registered to Vote as a “Male” From 1994-2008

I was poking around on the American Thinker blog, and I came upon another gem that I wanted to share with you.


It’s an interesting piece by an investigative reporter and a documentary filmmaker by the name of Joel Gilbert.

Mr. Gilbert is a “Michelle Obama expert,” and he has a new film out called ” Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power

He gets into a lot of interesting detail about Michelle Obama’s early life, and how her confusing racial identity shaped her into the (insecure) woman she is today.

And while Mr. Gilbert really gets into who Michelle was and is, and how all of it plays a direct role in her own political aspirations, there is one question he’s asked, above all else:

“Is Michelle Obama a man?”

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Now, you might think this is just funny internet fodder, but it’s actually not.

As Mr. Gilbert points out, it’s a rumor that’s been going around for a while, and late comedian Joan Rivers, gave the rumor new life when she called Michelle Obama a “transvestite.”

Rivers ended up dying not too long after that statement, which only added to the drama.

But the really strange thing surrounding this rumor about Michelle’s sexual identity is that it was rooted in facts… well, sort of.

Let me explain:

Back in 1994, when Michelle Obama registered to vote she registered as a “male.”

And as Mr. Gilbert explains, this was not a photoshop or a meme — she really registered as a man.

Mr. Gilbert has seen the actual documents.


So, this voter registration card has helped fuel the rumors that Michelle is a man.

It also didn’t help that in 2008, right after the Dems nominated Barack to run for president, she switched the “M” to an “F” for female.

On the outside, this can look rather strange and suspicious, right?

However, Mr. Gilbert, who is a very in-depth investigative reporter and documentary filmmaker, says after all of his research, investigations, and interviews, he’s 100 percent confident that Michelle is female, and always has been.

Mr. Gilbert believes the M being circled was a clerical error, and that when Michelle noticed it in 2008, she corrected it by circling the “F.”

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Now, I know this won’t satisfy everyone, and that’s okay, I am just presenting this man’s opinion and experiences from investigating Michelle for a long period of time.

But, another thing I think is very interesting, is how Mr. Gilbert says it’s not Michelle’s sexuality that was confusing for her, it was her race…

He gets into how her “blackness” was actually a struggle for her because other Black folks picked her on for acting “too white.”

Apparently, Michelle Obama had a very “Beaver Cleaver” upbringing, and she’s struggled a lot with that.

I would encourage everyone to check out the entire piece by Mr. Gilbert, it’s really good. You can read it here.


In addition, if you want to get into the real story of Michelle Obama, check out his documentary. You can watch that here.

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