[VIDEO] One Clever Conservative Discovered How “ANGRY” Joe Gets Each Time He Says One Specific Line

[VIDEO] One Clever Conservative Discovered How “ANGRY” Joe Gets Each Time He Says One Specific Line

I just love our meme artists.

They do such great work. Yes, most of the time they’re entertaining us and making us laugh, but oftentimes they discover and reveal hidden truths about these DC swampers that we may have not noticed.


That’s what happened recently when a very talented meme artist who goes by the name “Maze” delved into “Middle-Class Joe.”

As you know, early in Joe’s lifelong swamp career, he successfully painted himself as “Middle-Class Joe.”

Just some humdrum regular Joe, who tripped and fell into Congress.

He did this for a couple of reasons. One, because the people loved it.

Americans have always wanted an “outsider” because we don’t trust politicians.

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And we really shouldn’t trust politicians who pretend to be outsiders, either, but that’s a whole different article for another time.

He also did it to disarm his colleagues and have them believe he wasn’t a threat. He was just “average Joe,” a funny guy, full of gaffes, who would never stab them in the back and steal their committee job.

Anyway, back in the day, before social media took off, that shtick worked for Joe.

But thanks mostly to social media’s rapid response, right-wing blogs like this one, and meme artists like Maze, it doesn’t work anymore.

Actually, almost everything that used to work for Joe doesn’t work anymore.

But that hasn’t stopped him from traveling back to the 90s political well for his 2022 material.

So, when Maze looked into “Middle-Class Joe” it wasn’t hard to find content.


As a matter of fact, he noticed something that Joe Biden does when he says one specific line during his middle-class shtick…

He gets really, really angry.

It’s bizarre. 

You can watch the video below:

The one thing to note is that Joe from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, would never lose his cool like this.


Oh sure, “Middle-Class Joe” would raise his voice here and there, but when he did it back in the day, he sounded like a righteously angry and fed-up average Joe.

Now, in 2022, thanks to Maze, we can see that he sounds like a man with advanced dementia, who can’t control his emotions and isn’t able to communicate.

I’d encourage you to follow Maze on Twitter; go to his page and check out his other work. You can find him here.

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