Mike Pence is Now Openly Teaming Up With NeverTrump to Beat MAGA in The Midterms

Mike Pence is Now Openly Teaming Up With NeverTrump to Beat MAGA in The Midterms

Mike Pence is the epitome of a traitor.

He plays like he’s this nice Christian man who’s on our side and would do nothing to backstab anyone.

Give me a break.

This guy is one of the worst backstabbers and traitors in the entire Trump admin.

Don’t forget, Pence was in charge of hiring… he’s the guy who filled the Trump admin with an army of NeverTrumpers.

When President Trump won the election, I was working at another publication, and the owner of that site was working closely with Trump’s team, doing audio/video projects.

He was in DC, working on a project inside the admin in those very early days, and he texted me and said, “I’m really worried. Everyone who is working for Trump secretly hates him.”

I remember being confused. I thought, “If they work for him, why would they hate him? This makes no sense…”

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So naive.

Now, keep in mind, that was around Nov/Dec of 2016, even before Trump’s inauguration.

At that point, I didn’t realize how “anti-Trump” his admin would be.

But as we all know by now, my former boss was right to be worried… and the main reason for the hiring nightmares was Mike Pence.

Pence is the new JEB!… the current establishment flunky who doesn’t realize how unpopular and disliked he actually is.

And it seems like Pence has given up on pretending to care about MAGA.

He’s now actively working against us.

Pence just endorsed the AZ governor candidate who is being secretly backed by Democrats and loudly supported by NeverTrumpers, and who is running against MAGA candidate Kari Lake.

Karrin Taylor Robson took to Twitter where she announced Pence’s endorsement.

NeverTrumper’s are bending over backward to help this establishment RINO beat MAGA candidate Kari Lake, and now Mike jumped into the fray.

Fox 46 reported that Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has already helped block one of former President Donald Trump’s allies from winning the Republican nomination for governor in a crucial battleground state. Now he’s hoping for a repeat in his own backyard.

Ducey is part of a burgeoning effort among establishment Republicans to lift up little-known housing developer Karrin Taylor Robson against former television news anchor Kari Lake, who is backed by Trump. Other prominent Republicans, including former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, have also lined up behind Robson in recent days.

On Monday, Robson’s campaign announced the endorsement of former Vice President Mike Pence, who will campaign with her on Friday — the same day Trump is scheduled to hold a rally for Lake, creating a split-screen moment underscoring the divide between the GOP establishment and Trump.

The push for Robson is reminiscent of how many leading Republicans, including Ducey, rallied around Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in the final stretch of his ultimately successful bid to fend off a Trump-endorsed primary challenger.

How disgusting.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Well, if I wasn’t sure of my vote for @KariLake before, I would be now. Mike Pence is the traitor who gave us Joe Biden” 

“Wow, Mike Pence is now openly aligned with Never Trump. He finally came out of the closet” 

” If we didn’t already know Pence is #RINO garbage, he continues to leave no doubt”

“We’re seeing the full force of the establishment wing of the GOP coming out against @KariLake. NO!”

“Do not let Mike Pence steal another election from us” 

“Can you imagine being proud of this endorsement? @KariLake just scored again.”

“Somebody is about to lose badly.”

“Just shows that when the Democrats “pause” the votes at midnight in 2024, she’ll just let it happen! Arizona NEEDS Kari Lake as Governor!”

Mike Pence is an absolute scumbag and should be shunned into political oblivion.

He’s the poster boy for the type of RINO we must purge from this political party.

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