Mike Pompeo Gets Cozy and Friendly With Nancy Pelosi On Twitter And MAGA Erupts

Mike Pompeo Gets Cozy and Friendly With Nancy Pelosi On Twitter And MAGA Erupts

I’m always amazed at the turncoats who hitched their wagons to President Trump. And one that really irks me, is Mike Pompeo. President Trump gave Pompeo so much, in terms of his career, and he’s done nothing to return the favor, if anything, he’s sabotaged President Trump on several occasions. He went back and forth on the election results, finally landing on accepting it, and moving on.

And now, we’re hearing Mike was part of secret talks to oust President Trump on January 6th. The guy is a bum. And it’s a shame because I remember why he was promoted because he was supposedly “America First” and a loyal Trump ally. But it didn’t take long for everything to change and Mike to join the swampers full time.

And now, he’s kicking around the idea of running for President in 2024. Is this guy smoking crack with Hunter? Who on earth would vote for Mike Pompeo over President Trump? Well, besides NeverTrumpers? Well, if Mike thought he had a chance of getting in good with MAGA, he was sadly mistaken, and what he did today on Twitter, really cinched the deal… He got cozy with Nancy Pelosi of all people… he invited himself to go to Taiwan with her, so they could “warmonger” together.

What the heck is wrong with this guy?

Here’s what Mike said to Pelosi: “[email protected] Nancy, I’ll go with you. I’m banned in China, but not freedom-loving Taiwan. See you there!”

MAGA was furious and unloaded on Mike:

“You’re a snake, Mike”

Translation C’mon Nancy, you are all almost done destroying Ukraine, let’s do Taiwan next”

“All the world’s worst people are getting behind Pelosi’s incendiary Taiwan trip.”

“Warmongers stick together”

“Hey Mike, you’re banned from MAGA”

“This guy is the same as Mike Pence… a good for nothing uniparty traitor”

“I wish you were banned from the USA.”

“You will never be president and you won’t be part of Trump’s next admin, you scumbag”

“Good to see Dems and Republicans bridging the partisan divide to find another way of provoking WWIII”

“Obviously, this traitor is part of the Deep State and he’s running for POTUS against Trump”

“War mongering uniparty strikes again…..”

“This dude ran the CIA and the State Department under Trump.. I just can’t.. He knew everything absolfuckinglutley everything was bullshit.”

“If you dare to take the same plane with Pelosi, I wish you a safe landing and good luck, my American friend.”

“This is very, very, very bad. This Pelosi trip has the Agency’s fingerprints all over it.”

“What a traitor this guy is. So many bad apples in the swamp”

You can’t trust anyone in DC. There are so many snakes, you can’t keep up.m It’s truly amazing President Trump got as much done as he did, with all these traitors and backstabbers around him.

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