35-Year-Old “Naked and Afraid” Contestant Found Dead in Bed

35-Year-Old “Naked and Afraid” Contestant Found Dead in Bed

Another young woman is dead… it’s been happening a lot lately.

Between “sudden/unexplained” medical situations (we all know what that’s about) to suicide and drug overloads, it’s starting to feel like the real pandemic is something very different from what we’ve been told.

I feel like I am always writing stories about some young “famous” person dying too soon, and if I am writing this much about “famous” folks, imagine how many non-famous people this is happening to?

And here I am again, with another sad story to tell you about…

This one involves a woman who appeared as a contestant on the Discovery reality adventure show “Naked and Afraid.”

The woman was only 35 years old, and it appears from what we can tell, that she died from “huffing” compressed air.

TMZ reports that “Naked and Afraid” contestant Melanie Rauscher has died under mysterious circumstances in Arizona — her body was recently found near cans of dust cleaner, TMZ has learned.

Melanie, who appeared on 2 seasons of the popular Discovery Channel show, was dog sitting at a residence in Prescott, AZ while the homeowners were away on vacation, according to Corey Kasun, a rep for the Prescott Police Department.

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The homeowners returned on the afternoon of July 17 and found Melanie deceased on the bed in the guest room, Kasun said.

We’re told several cans of compressed air — which can be used to clean dust off computers — were found near her body. It’s unclear if Melanie consumed the contents of the cans.
Cops say there were no obvious signs of foul play, and they did not find a suicide note or drug paraphernalia.

The dog was okay.

This is very sad. I’ve never heard of compressed air being used to get high, but I am not very “hip” when it comes to drugs.

When abused, inhalants can be sprayed onto a rag, and then the rag is sniffed – a practice known as “huffing.” In the case of Dust-Off, this is often referred to as “dusting” as well. Huffing canned air can cause an immediate rush of euphoria as well as possible hallucinations and delusions.

Melanie was mainly a contestant on “Naked and Afraid” in 2013 and the spinoff show ‘XL’ in 2015.

Rest in peace, Melanie.

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