Former Newsmax Host Has a New Theory About “Corn Pop,” … And He Might Be Onto Something

Former Newsmax Host Has a New Theory About “Corn Pop,” … And He Might Be Onto Something

Former Newsmax host John Cardillo has a theory about the infamous Corn Pop — the “bad dude” Joe Biden rambled on about in a bizarre story a few years back.


Back in 2019, the stories about Corn Pop and Joe’s “hairy legs/roaches” were the first red flag for many people that Joe Biden has lost his marbles.

Here’s what Joe said about his hairy blonde legs and “roaches,” which is a racial slur about black people, by the way.


I found this recreation of Joe’s story with this illustration, which is both fabulous and horrifying at the same time.


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Joe told quite a wild story about Corn Pop.

He was supposedly a black guy and a gangster who wore a “cap” on his head because he had oil in his hair.

The story goes that Joe was the lifeguard at this public pool and Corn Pop was misbehaving, so Joe supposedly tried to set him straight, and mocked his cap, by calling Corn Pop “Esther Willams,” who was a black female swimmer.

Quite the insult, I guess.

A whole big thing ensued, where Corn Pop wanted to fight Joe in the parking lot using a razor blade, and Joe armed himself with a chain…

It’s one of the weirdest stories you’ll ever hear.

It’s literally insane.


Since that time, John has reevaluated the entire Corn Pop story, and he’s got a new theory on what actually happened.

John is now convinced that Corn Pop was actually the hero of the story and Joe was the villain.

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Here’s what John said in a tweet:

“I’m beginning to think Corn Pop wasn’t a bad dude at all. Far more likely that Corn Pop was kicking the creepy weirdo making the little kids touch his leg hair out of the pool. In fact, I think Corn Pop was most likely the hero of the story.”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Corn Pop wasn’t the hero we deserved but the hero we needed”

“So, what you’re saying is that Corn Pop was a good dude?!?” 

“the way i heard it, Corn Pop said “let’s go brandon” but back then Joe knew what it meant LOL” 

“If you start doubting Joe’s Corn Pop stories, then you gonna start doubting that he marched on Selma, took a bullet for MLK, brought down the Berlin wall, hunted down and killed Hitler in Argentina, etc …” 

“That whole story is riddled with lies (per usual for Joe). That pool at that time was in a white neighborhood. I’m not sure where the “roaches” jumped up on his lap comes from though.”

“Joe didn’t fight fair. He brought a chain to a fist fight”

“You’re right he doesn’t fight fair. Last election, he brought 7o million extra ballots.”

I think John is onto something with his theory.


Corn Pop probably got tired of watching Joe paw and sniff all the kids, and decided to do something about it.

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