There’s a New Strawberry On The Market… It’s Juicier, Sweeter, and Has a Rich, Buttery Texture

There’s a New Strawberry On The Market… It’s Juicier, Sweeter, and Has a Rich, Buttery Texture

There’s a new strawberry on the market.

It’s juicier, sweeter, and has a better texture than the ones you’re used to, according to many who’ve reviewed them.

They’re made by a young man from Japan by the name of Hiroki Koga, who started a US-based company, selling a new type of strawberry.

Westside People Mag reported on the new strawberries, saying that the New Jersey-based company’s berries don’t taste like typical strawberries, either: They’re sweeter, with a denser, juicier center. The flavor, aroma, and “buttery texture” are crafted on three vertical farms: two in New Jersey and one in Los Angeles.

“[The strawberries] It averages two to three times the sweetness level, compared to what is traditionally grown in the United States,” Oishii co-founder and CEO Hiroki Koga told CNBC Make It. Once you taste our berries, it’s simply a completely different experience. “

They’re not cheap, though. As a matter of fact, a six-pack at Whole Foods was selling for $50 bucks.


The company has since dropped the cost down to $20 bucks for 6 berries, which is still really high…

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They’d have to taste like “heaven” for that cost, and even then, I dunno.

Koja says the cost reflects the quality of the fruit and the value of its production. Oishii strawberries are grown without pesticides, and use less water than traditional growing methods. Because it grows indoors, it does not strip farmland of its nutrients.

“People sometimes ask us, ‘Are you taking away jobs from farmers?’” Koga says. “But it is quite the opposite, because we do not have enough farmers to feed them. [the world’s] Population growth, vertical farming allows us to grow crops more efficiently.”

That’s part of the reason Oishii has changed its price point, even though the company has regularly sold $50: Proving that vertical farming can create affordable products could encourage a sea change across farming—a $1 trillion industry in the U.S. alone in 2020, according to US Department of Agriculture.

Until then, Oishii farms remain somewhat expensive to operate. But Koga points out that new technology often takes a similar path, starting out as useless and exorbitantly expensive before eventually becoming more streamlined, affordable, and cool, like smartphones and electric vehicles. “We justified the price by offering something that is not in the market,” he says.

Koga says Oishii’s next step is to expand into other forms of produce — first likely tomatoes and watermelons — while evaluating the time-consuming cost of building more vertical farming facilities to keep up with demand.

“We are very confident in making this more effective in the next five years, or 10 years, and really getting to a point where [vertical farming] It becomes the new standard, as this price becomes more affordable than traditional products,” he says.


Would you pay $20 bucks for 6 strawberries?

I guess I might, out of curiosity, but I am perfectly fine slicing my cheap strawberries and adding some sugar or honey to them, and calling it a day.

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