Yes, New York Post Has Had Many Damning Covers, But THIS One Is Joe’s Worst Nightmare Yet

Yes, New York Post Has Had Many Damning Covers, But THIS One Is Joe’s Worst Nightmare Yet

By now, we all know that the New York Post is famous for its scathing covers. The artwork and “titles” have been known to skewer some of the most powerful people in the world. And the Post has not been kind to Joe Biden — he’s actually gotten what he deserves, much less than he really deserves, but still, it’s something. At any rate, Joe Biden is back in the hot seat once again, this time for trying to gaslight the American people into believing that his economy is “great” as it skids down the tubes. This is what happens when you claim you’ve “created” jobs when you haven’t. Joe hasn’t “created” a single job, because we’re still playing catchup with all the jobs we lost during Dr. Fauci’s lockdown.

Soaring gas prices, ghastly inflation, a messed-up housing market, and tons of spending by the DC Swamp have landed us in a nightmare situation… a situation that everyone saw coming. And, after two negative quarters of growth, the US is now in a recession. However, Joe Biden and the Dems don’t want you to realize that, so their war on “the obvious” continues. Biden is now trying to re-write what a recession is, to suit his political situation. Joe doesn’t give a crap about what we’re going through. This is all about him. Typical Biden. He’ll never change.

Well, the New York Post has had enough, and they’ve devoted their entire “front page” to educating Joe Biden, and it’s brutal and he deserves every bit of it, and more.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Joe, you are a traitor to our country.”

“This is so insulting to Americans. How dare him and his admin try to pull this stuff on us”

“Nobody told Joe that the American people no longer buy the sh*t he’s selling”

“He’s such a knucklehead. Embarrassing, actually”

“Wow, this is pretty harsh, I hope he sees it”

“He can’t read a teleprompter. Do you really expect him to be able to read this?”

“the gaslighting coming from this inept admin is insulting” 

“Joe thinks everyone is as dumb and gullible as his voting base is.”

“Ouch, this is brutal. I love it” 

Just the fact that this goofy, befuddled admin, has the audacity to try to “pull one over” on us, is infuriating. They literally have a man who appears to have stage 56 Alzheimer’s leading the party, and they think we’re going to take anything he has to say seriously? That was their first mistake. You can’t install a man who should be in a nursing home as the supposed “leader” of the Free World, and then expect people to follow blindly. As much as Dems wish America was like North Korea, we’re not quite there yet, and we’ve still got a mind of our own… and that definitely does not bode well for the progressive commies.

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