Not A Lot Shocks Newt, But Biden’s Latest Move Has Him Asking If Dems Have Literally “Lost Their Minds”?

Not A Lot Shocks Newt, But Biden’s Latest Move Has Him Asking If Dems Have Literally “Lost Their Minds”?

We all know that Dems are godless, demonic communists, right?

And if you didn’t know that by now, this next story might help you to better understand exactly what these cretins are up to.

It’s not enough for Dems to attack Christianity, they want to push their depraved modernism on the world. And the only way to make government the “lord” and climate change the official “religion” is to remove God and faith from absolutely everything.

And that’s what Joe Biden is doing.

Mr. Catholic himself is now actively spreading atheism all over the world.

That’s right, the man who constantly tells us how “Catholic” he is, is using US taxpayer dollars to spread godless garbage overseas, and Newt Gingrich just can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Here’s what Newt said: “Insanity! Just the News reports that Biden is giving $500,000 grants to spread atheism overseas. Have the Democrats literally lost their minds and become the anti-religious party?”

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There is nothing more godless and hopeless than communism, and that’s exactly what the left is moving closer and closer to.

This Dem Party, with its defund the police nonsense, radical green ideology, and imprisoning political dissidents, are the epitome of godless commies.

And it’s only going to get worse, and that’s why they must be stopped in 2022 and 2024, and beyond.

As it stands now, if we want this country to flourish, we need to keep these communist Dems as far away from power as humanly possible.

But Newt is right… They’ve lost their damn minds.

The radicals have taken over, and insanity runs wild in the Dem Party.

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