[VIDEO] While Pelosi Strolls Sandy Italian Beaches, US School Kids Are Walking Through HELL in Her City

[VIDEO] While Pelosi Strolls Sandy Italian Beaches, US School Kids Are Walking Through HELL in Her City

While Pelosi strolls the white sand beaches of Italy with her rich, drunkard husband, the young school kids back home in her city, are forced to walk through literal hell to get from their bus stop to their front doors.


That’s right, youngsters, mostly minority kids, must walk through a sea of drugs, despair, and mental illness just to get back home from school.

And this is happening in Pelosi’s “glamorous” San Francisco — a city that was once one of the most beautiful in our country, but now, thanks to failed liberal policies, looks like a garbage can of death and hopelessness.

But what does Nancy care?

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After all, when her elderly drunken husband isn’t nearly killing people on the road, he’s dragging bag-of-bones Nancy all over the world, staying at the most expensive and exclusive resorts, without a care in the world.

Why on earth would she worry about how the lowly peasants are living back home?

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You can watch the video below:

This is the typical mindset of the filthy rich political elite.

You know, we make fun of England for their monarchy, yet that’s precisely what we’ve elected into office.

These lifelong swampers turn into mega-millionaires, and lord over us as if they’re kings and queens.


Honestly, the actual English monarchy has a lot less power over their people, than our “US” one does over us.

Pretty scary.

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