Rep Boebert Thanks Entire Trump Family For Not Humiliating Our Country The Way The Bidens Have

Rep Boebert Thanks Entire Trump Family For Not Humiliating Our Country The Way The Bidens Have

Hunter Biden is a one-man wrecking ball.

He’s done so much damage to Joe Biden’s persona over the years, even if the media and Dems cover for him.


Still, enough of his disgusting degeneracy has leaked though, and he’s a stain on the entire Biden family.

But it’s not just Hunter… Joe’s brothers Frank and Jim are a couple of leeches and scumbags, too. They’ve sucked off Joe’s government teat for pretty much their whole miserable lives.

And then there’s Joe… the unserious clown and gaffe machine, who bullied his way around DC, using his power and position to line his own pockets.

He always thought he was so much bigger and better than he was. Joe’s always been the punchline to every joke.

But besides all of his crooked politics, we can’t forget all the times he groped and sniffed women and young girls. It’s disgusting. And of course, we can’t forget what his daughter Ashley said, about how she took “inappropriate showers” with her dad when she was young, which likely contributed to her “sex addiction.”

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I just don’t think you can get more horrific than that… and now, in Joe’s “golden years,” we’re forced to sit and watch him go through senility and cognitive decline while pretending to be the “president” of the United States, and subsequently, destroying the country and the entire middle-class with his communist green-party plans.

And then there’s Jill — a power-crazed, selfish woman, who’s committing elder abuse on the world’s stage, and who wears dresses that look like shower curtains, and likes to pretend she’s a real “doctor.”

The Biden family is a total joke and a complete embarrassment, every single day.

That’s why Rep Boebert took to Twitter and thanked the very classy Trump family for being gracious, professional, and respectful while they were the “first family.”

We knew we wouldn’t see crack videos with prostitutes in them while Trump’s kids were part of the White House.


Here’s what Rep Boebert said: “Thank you @DonaldJTrumpJr, @EricTrump, @TiffanyATrump, @IvankaTrumpand Barron for never exposing or humiliating our country and the first family like some others!


The Trump family has always been well-respected, and professional.

Up until President Trump ran for president, he was much beloved by everyone.

It was Hillary Clinton and her media minions that tried to redefine Trump as some “racist,” but most people know that’s not true.

The Trump first family conducted themselves with class and dignity, and they were respected and revered around the world.

I can bet you a million bucks, that China and Russia had no “blackmail” against Don Jr and Ivanka.

Can’t say the same for Hunter. 

Trump raised his children the right way: respectable, hard-working, and humble business owners.


Joe Biden raised crack heads and sex addicts.

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