Richard Grenell Just Called Out Most Obvious and Glaring Fact About So-Called “10-Year-Old Rape” Story

Richard Grenell Just Called Out Most Obvious and Glaring Fact About So-Called “10-Year-Old Rape” Story

There are a lot of questions surrounding this story Dems, including Joe Biden, are spreading about a so-called “10-year-old” little girl who was raped, and needed an abortion.


The story trended on Twitter for days, and the moment I saw it, I knew something was off.

First off, if a 10-year-old was raped and needed an abortion, and it became a national headline, it would have been on local news, and family members, friends, and/or law enforcement would have been interviewed around the clock.

But that didn’t happen with this story.

The only source we have is an abortion doctor, who is a radical activist and who is known to have pulled PR stunts in the past.

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We actually did a piece featuring a journalist named Megan Fox from PJ Media who found 10 “red flags” about the “rape story.”

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If you want to read that piece you can find the story here.

And now, former top spy guy, Richard Grenell is coming out and stating an obvious fact about this controversial story, and he’s also asking why our media isn’t “fact-checking” Joe Biden, who actually repeated this story on national TV.

Here’s what Richard said in his tweet: We would know the name of the rapist and be watching the perp walk if a 10 year old had to have an abortion. Why isn’t @jonkarl fact checking @JoeBiden?Why is @abc and @DavidMuir ignoring this rape claim by Biden?


Here’s what people online are saying:

The AG for Ohio has absolutely no record or reports of a raped impregnated 10-year-old. Biden has no shame. #BidenLied again. Oh, but if this were Trump…” 

“The fact-checkers don’t exist to actually check facts, just to squash political dissidents and protect the regime” 

“I knew this story was off right away. The timing was my first clue. Was a bit too perfect” 

“I’m still waiting for the fact checkers to speak up about the lie Joe keeps telling about “Very Fine People.” 

“We all know fact-checkers are just Dem activists, right?” 

“The woman who started the story is an abortion activist” 

“They know it’s a lie. Just like the J6 witness was a lie, the Kavanaugh rape stuff was a lie, all Trump’s impeachment crap was a lie. They don’t care. All they want is power.” 

“This story sounded fake right out of the gate, but of course, Sleepy Joe repeats it like it’s gospel. Good little puppet.” 

I once got fact-checked for 3-days, non-stop, when I accidentally posted a parody tweet from someone that was pretending to be President Trump’s sister.

The tweet was just wishing him well during the impeachment trial.

It was not even a big deal.

But I was fact-checked by everyone and their brother over that, and major media outlets were writing articles about the phony tweet.

I kid you not. It was a circus…


But something like THIS just goes untouched.

The media and fact-checkers shrug and say, “meh, who cares?”

This is yet another example of why nobody trusts the so-called “fact-checks” or our lousy, propaganda media.

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