Ricky Martin’s Lawyer Disputes Nephew’s Incest And Domestic Violence Claims

Ricky Martin’s Lawyer Disputes Nephew’s Incest And Domestic Violence Claims

Following his nephew’s accusation of domestic abuse, Ricky Martin is refuting claims that he had an incestuous relationship.

The charges are “untrue” and “disgusting,” according to Marty Singer, an attorney for Martin, who claims that they will be rejected as soon as they are presented to a judge.

“Unfortunately, the person who made this assertion suffers from serious mental health issues. Of course, Ricky Martin has never had and will never have a romantic or sexual contact with his nephew “reads Singer’s declaration. “The notion is repulsive in addition to being false. We all hope that this man receives the immediate assistance he requires. But above all, we eagerly anticipate the judge dismissing this terrible case as soon as he or she has a chance to review the evidence.”

The information comes after a complaint was filed against Martin for harassment earlier this month under Law 54, often known as the Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention Act. Martin was known to be the alleged offender at the time, but the name of the petitioner was kept a secret.

At the time, the musician rejected the lawsuit, calling it “fake and contrived.”

At the time, Ricky Martin’s attorneys reportedly declared, “The claims against Ricky Martin that resulted in a protective order are absolutely untrue and contrived.” “We are extremely certain that our client Ricky Martin will be totally vindicated when the true facts in this situation come out,” the statement continued.

The petitioner is Martin’s nephew, according to the singer’s brother, the Spanish media site Marca reported earlier this week.

The Associated Press first reported that police attempted to issue Martin with a restraining order in the Puerto Rico community where he lives, which is when the story first started to gain attention.

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According to police spokesman Axel Valencia, “police haven’t been able to find him yet.”

Martin and the woman reportedly dated for seven months, according to the Puerto Rican publication El Vocero. Martin allegedly started the harassment when he refused to accept the couple’s breakup, according to court documents that the publication has access to. The petition states, “The petitioner fears for his safety,” according to El Vocero.

Rebecca Drucker, the 50-year-former old’s manager, brought a claim in Los Angeles in June for more than $3 million in unpaid fees. There was a mention of Drucker allegedly defending him from a “possibly career-ending charge” in the 15-page lawsuit.

Between 2014 and 2018 and again between 2020 and 2022, Drucker handled the pop sensation. She maintains that she is due millions of dollars in commission because of her assistance with recording contracts, sponsorship partnerships, and other business ventures.


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