[VIDEO] This Clip Has Actor Rob Schneider Thinking They’re Purposely Creating a “Food Shortage”

[VIDEO] This Clip Has Actor Rob Schneider Thinking They’re Purposely Creating a “Food Shortage”

The New World Order.

The Great Reset. 

The Liberal World Order.


We’ve gone through a few names, but it appears the globalists have finally settled on their official name, and now, it’s full-steam ahead.

Of course, fact-checkers will call you a Q-kook or a “conspiracy theorist” if you suggest there’s a New World Order, or a “Great Reset,” or a Liberal World Order, even though the left are the ones bandying these names about.

According to “fact-checkers,” elites are not working together to create “One World Order,” by implementing their climate religion into all parts of society.

That’s silliness.

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Why would you think something so outrageous, you racist bigot?

It’s not like they’re actually doing all that or anything, right?

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Oh, they are actually doing all that?


And one big part of the “green new deal,” which globalists are trying to force down our throats, is to limit (end) consumption of meat, especially beef.

According to AOC, cattle are just too “non-green” to maintain, process and package.

So, as a result, they’ve been revving up their campaign to get everyone on board with eating bugs.

And what great timing…

We’re now being told that we’re at the start of a global food shortage, thanks to the “war” in Ukraine and soon, bugs may be the only protein we have left…

The timing is very interesting… so much so, that it’s got actor Rob Schneider convinced something else is going on.

Especially after he saw this “bug-eating” clip that just aired on CBS.


Here’s what Rob said in his tweet: “I’m sick of all these conspiracy theories. The NEXT thing you’re going to tell is that they are trying to create a food shortage to make us eat bugs! Wait…what?!”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“They’re conditioning everyone for the collapse. All you going to be able to eat is bugs. They want you to starve.”

“Watch the celebrities eat bugs so you think it’s cool and then you, too, will want to eat bugs. Hint – the Global Elite want you to eat bugs and engineered fake meat because they consider you to be “useless eaters” who use up all of THEIR resources.”

“The leftists inane solutions to 2 imaginary problems for decades have been to “intervene” in immutable climate variability & population control, (eugenics). It’s just a coincidence that both require centralized control & restricting individual liberty. Not “a coincidence.”

“I will not eat the bugs. I will not live in a pod. I will not take the jab. I will not give up my guns.”

“I won’t eat your freaking bugs you globalist freaks”

“Bug normalization continues apace.”

“Another day, another blackmailed celebrity shilling for bug-eating to his minuscule audience. “

“Because the Marxists hate you and their agenda requires you to grovel for worms.”

“Even the insects we will be forced to be eating are a product from China”

Well, one thing I can tell you is that if it ever comes to this and we’re “forced” to eat bugs, the peasants will be the only ones eating a grasshopper omelet.


The elites who came up with this bug idea will still have piles of sausage and bacon stuffed inside their fluffy omelets.

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