[VIDEO] Actor Rob Schneider Woke Up and Saw The Collapse in Panama: “This Global Takeover Isn’t Working”

[VIDEO] Actor Rob Schneider Woke Up and Saw The Collapse in Panama: “This Global Takeover Isn’t Working”

Globalism, “climate change” to be exact, is taking it on the chin, big time.

People all over the globe are rising up and fighting back against this “Green Great Reset” that elites are trying to pull off.

The Dutch Farmers are fighting against climate change regulations that are choking them, and now, farmers from Spain, Italy, and many other countries have joined them.

The folks in Sri Lanka fought against the country’s harsh climate change regulations by literally overthrowing the government, and forcing the president to flee the country.

No matter where you look, the globalists are trying to force this “new way of life” down our throats — whether it be by mass regulation that’s killing farmers and other businesses, or by jacking up the cost of gasoline, so people are forced to but electric… who cares if our country isn’t set up for all these changes, and it would create a massive chaotic mess. Elites don’t care about that, they just need the “reset” to take hold.

But it’s not working.

People can see through this, and they’re fighting back.

As actor Rob Schneider said this morning when he watched what’s happening in Panama, “This global takeover is not working…”

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And he’s right… it’s not working.

Panama is now on the verge of collapse, thanks to inflation.

Here’s what independent journalist Katie Daviscourt said in her tweet:

PANAMA: Mass demonstrations underway as citizens rise up against the government over high inflation which increased the cost of food, fuel, and basic services. Panama is on the verge of collapsing.

Photo shows empty shelves at a grocery store near Panama City. Panama uses $US currency—to put the situation into perspective.


Panama’s government is corrupt, and they’ve been known to steal from their people, no different from every other government really, including the US.

It’s great to see the people rise up.

Let’s hope they keep fighting and take their country back.

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