Remember Unfunny TDS Late-Night Host Samantha Bee? Well, She Just Got a Visit From Karma

Remember Unfunny TDS Late-Night Host Samantha Bee? Well, She Just Got a Visit From Karma

You remember Samantha Bee, right? She’s the vulgar woman who called Ivanka Trump the “C” word. She’s one of the least funny people on the planet, yet for some ungodly reason, she had her own show on TBS. And yes “had” is the operative word here, it seems Samantha Bee, the Stage 5 TDS Queen of late-night has been canned. But even more baffling is why her show remained on the air for as long as it did. It was on for a jaw-dropping 7 years before karma showed up and made things right. I guess she made it for most of that time on her hatred for Trump. Liberals don’t care if you’re funny, they just want to know that you suffer from a mental disease that makes you hate President Trump in bizarre and unhealthy ways. But Samantha’s luck finally ran out, and now, she’s unemployed, and all is right with the world.

But TBS is now being very careful how they frame her demise because rumor has it they’re trying not to embarrass the unfunny “comedian” by telling the truth– that the show sucked and had piss poor ratings the entire time, and they only kept her on as charity or something like that.

PJ Media reported that the TBS late-night comedy show Full Frontal, hosted by comedienne Samantha Bee, has been canceled according to Variety and other media sources. Variety explains that the cancellation was part of a general cutback by networks on late-night programming. The ratings say it was because no one was watching.

When more people watch a CNN news show than a supposed “entertainment” program, the writing should be on the wall.

But there appears to be a concerted effort by TBS and Warner not to embarrass the unfunny comedienne by saying the reason for the cancellation was the sound of crickets chirping out in TV land instead of viewers laughing.

Wow, if you’re losing out to CNN, you should just go bury your head in a hole and call it a day. How humiliating.

But the real reason they give untalented hacks like Samantha Bee a platform is because of this new push to showcase women. To shove unfunny, no-talent ladies down our throats, and if we don’t watch their shows, and laugh our fannies off, we’re bigots and misogynists. That’s why they didn’t fire her sooner. If they did, they would be forced to admit that a woman wasn’t funny, and maybe, just maybe, the reason more women aren’t on top in Hollywood is because they don’t deserve to be. They’d rather lose money and pretend someone’s amazing than admit that’s true.

Either way, we’re happy to see this vulgar, unfunny hack get the boot. Hope there are more like her who will suffer the same fate… Another person also hanging on like this, is a male, and it’s Trevor Noah. That guy has single-handedly ruined The Daily Show and yet, they won’t fire him. Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

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