Watch: Two More Damning Videos Emerge of Sesame Street Characters Treating Black Kids Poorly

Watch: Two More Damning Videos Emerge of Sesame Street Characters Treating Black Kids Poorly

That “Sesame Place” amusement park in Philadelphia is going to be closed down by this weekend if these disturbing videos don’t stop rolling out.

It all started when a mom shared a video of her two young black kids being “dissed” by a Sesame Street character at the park.

After that video came out, a couple more videos leaked, showing characters at Sesame Place appearing to ignore some of the black children.

The park issued an apology, said there was a misunderstanding, and then invited the family back for a special meet and greet, which they promptly declined and got a lawyer.

But since those videos came out, two more have leaked, and are adding fuel to the already raging fire.

The first clip shows a really aggressive character, basically “squaring up” against a small, little girl and knocking her to the ground.

The clip cuts off, but it appears to show the character trying to help the child up.

Still, was too much. However, I don’t know if there was anything “racist” about what the character did. I think it was just poor judgment.

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The second clip is more suspect, in my opinion.

The Burt character is giving out all these high-fives to kids, and when he gets to the black girl, he appears to do this dismissive and rude slap to the side of her head.

The little girl turns around and makes a shocked face at presumably an adult behind her.

This makes no sense to me… why would the character do that, it’s not part of Burt’s persona to behave that way.

So, that video is very strange.

You can watch the video below:

I don’t know if this park has some racism problem, but I will say, from a PR standpoint, these videos are bad.

This is “CODE RED” and “all hands on deck” type stuff. This is the type of content that can literally bring down an entire company.

And, it can also tarnish the overall Sesame Street branding as well.

I am not a fan of the “Sesame Street” brand, I think they’re adults who are using children to push an LGBTQ progressive agenda, so in some ways, this could be a dose of karma.

But the bottom line for me is less about politics and more about how awful those poor kids felt. Stuff like that can really leave a mark on impressionable, wide-eyed little ones, who just wanted a hug from a character they idolized.

I think it’s sad to think of little kids with hurt feelings.

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