62-Year-Old Cali Swimmer Alive, After Shark Started Eating Him, But Then Spit Him Out 

62-Year-Old Cali Swimmer Alive, After Shark Started Eating Him, But Then Spit Him Out 

This guy went to the beach to enjoy a nice swim.


The weather was great, and the water was nice and still.

It felt like a perfect day to 62-year-old Steve Bruemmer… but it didn’t take long for everything to come crashing down when out of nowhere, a massive shark latched onto him and took a huge chunk out of his thigh and torso.

The Shark, thinking he has stumbled upon a lovely breakfast, dragged Steve down into the depths of the ocean, when suddenly, the shark stopped cold, ended the attack and spit Steve out.

Steve believes the shark thought he had caught a seal, and then realized it was a human, and quickly spat him out.

Experts say sharks do not hunt humans as “food,” but they do mistake us for it occasionally.

Western Journal reported that the shark lingered…

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“It was looking at me, right next to me. I thought it could bite me again so I pushed it with my hand and I kicked at it with my foot and it left,” he said.

“I got myself back to the surface and started yelling for help, and that’s when all my luck changed. Really unlucky that the shark bit me. They don’t want people.”

Two paddleboarders and a surfer responded to his calls for help.

“The three of them in the bloody water got me up onto the surfboard and pulled me into the beach. Heroes. How do you get in bloody water with maybe a shark circling beneath you to save a stranger? They’re amazing,” he said.

Bruemmer said two ICU nurses and a doctor who happened to be at the beach made tourniquets out of their T-shirts to stop the bleeding. “Otherwise I’d bleed to death,” he said.

Bruemmer underwent surgery in Salinas and received 28 units of blood. He was released from the hospital three weeks after the attack.


Doctors said the shark barely missed severing a major artery, according to a separate report from KSBW.


What a remarkable story.

This man is so lucky to be alive.


I don’t care whether or not they think we’re food… but for me personally, I will not swim in a giant/bottom-less “pool” with something that can eat me in a couple of bites.

No, thank you.

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