[VIDEO] Reporter From Africa Just Cornered KJP With a “J6” Question NOBODY Else Dare Ask

[VIDEO] Reporter From Africa Just Cornered KJP With a “J6” Question NOBODY Else Dare Ask

I don’t know if you ever read the Don Suber blog?

I love it.


He’s got some very interesting takes on many topics. I’d encourage you to check him out.

I was snooping around his site today, and I saw this piece he did on a WH African reporter by the name of Simon Ateba.

This guy is lethal.

I have seen and heard him when he shouts his questions from the back of the room, where they stuff this poor guy every day.

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He’s one of the few guys actually asking questions that matter to the American people, and he hails all the way from Africa, for crying out loud.

What does that say about our lousy media that live here 24/7?

Not a lot, right?

Well, he NAILED ditzy Karine Jean-Pierre with a humdinger of a question the other day… and when I saw “humdinger,” I mean it.

This isn’t even a question Steve Doocy would dare ask.


It involves January 6th, so you know Fox News won’t touch that with a ten-foot pole, but you can tell that KJP was thrown off her game — not that her “game” is all that impressive to begin with.

Here is their exchange:

MR. ATEBA: I would like to know what’s the difference between President Trump watching TV, even pleading to go to the Capitol while — while the Capitol was being attacked, and President Biden going to the beach and having fun while Supreme Court justices are on the attack by a verbally violent mob? What’s the difference between those two leaders?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Wait, what’s the comparison you’re making? Could you say the first part?

MR. ATEBA: So, I’m saying now: What’s the difference between President Trump not doing anything while the Capitol was being attacked and President Biden not doing anything when protesters — while the Supreme Court justices were under attack in their own homes with their families and with their children?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: Well, I — there are two major differences here.

First of all, our predecessor was very — we have said that his behavior on that day, on January 6th, was atrocious. The President has said that. And we are going to let the Select Committee — the January 6 Select Committee continue to do their independent review of that — their hearing. And you guys all saw for yourselves, the American people saw — have seen for themselves what — what the — what our precede- — predecessor has done — his behavior and his involvement.

So that is not the same. That is absolutely not the same. We are talking about what we saw on January 6th. We are talking about an attack on our democracy. We are talking about a very dark day that the person who was here before us seemingly, if you watch, was very involved. So that’s very, very different.

Now, fast forward to — to this President. This President is fighting for women’s rights. He’s fighting for women’s freedom. He has spoken out. He’s been very clear about what needs to happen next. He put out two executive authorities that lays out ways that we can protect women. He has — he has said that he’s go- — everything is on the table. We’re going to see what else we can do.

But he also has spoken very truthfully and very honestly with the American people, which is: If we want to see Roe become the law of the land, we also have to act. We have to hold Congress accountable and make sure that they act and that that cannot happen. Then Americans need to go to the ballot box. And that is — that is very different.

And to say — and to say that there is no difference, that is — that is just unbelievably wrong.

MR. ATEBA: But is it a concern that a Supreme Court justice may be harmed (inaudible)?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: I’m — I’m moving on. I’m moving on.

Yes, I am sure you want to “move on.”

The fact is, Mr. Ateba is right.

There is no difference, is there?

Except to say that just like January 6th, the left has also encouraged violence at the homes of the justices.

Did you know that Biden still has not condemned the attempted assassination of Justice Kavanaugh?

And thanks to these crazed left-wingers, Justice Kavanaugh can’t even eat out at a restaurant, without being harassed and chased away… but somehow, breaking Chuck Schumer’s fax machine and stealing Pelosi’s podium, is more important than all that?


I’d encourage you to read the entire piece Don wrote, it’s really very good.

You can find it here.

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