Team Bannon Says They’ve Got a Sure-Fire, “Bullet Proof” Appeal

Team Bannon Says They’ve Got a Sure-Fire, “Bullet Proof” Appeal

Can a conservative get a fair shake in the DC Swamp? That’s the question many are asking after Steve Bannon was convicted on 2 misdemeanor counts of “Contempt of Congress” when he refused to go along with a sham subpoena from the fraudulent January 6th Circus. It really did not surprise anybody that Bannon was convicted, I think most of us would have fainted due to shock if he wasn’t. Steve had originally used “executive privilege” as his reasoning for refusing to comply with the subpoena, and of course, the sham J6 committee promptly referred him to be criminally charged, leaving no room for any type of negotiation whatsoever.

And as I mentioned above, while we all knew this would happen, that doesn’t mean that the DC Courts and officials didn’t pull some fast ones, because they most certainly did. Even the judge presiding over the case admitted there were flaws. And those flaws will probably come back to bite them. So, yes, while the J6 tyrants got their “conviction headline,” it will likely be short-lived. Bannon’s team says they’ve got a sure-fire, bullet-proof appeal and Steve will get off, scot-free.

Here’s what our friends at 100 Percent Fed Up reported Despite abiding by that 61-year-old precedent, Nichols allowed Bannon’s attorneys on several occasions to oh-by-the-way refer to their planned defenses before he shut them down at specific junctures that are certain to be pinpointed in transcripts on appeal. Nichols himself expressed doubt about the Licavoli ruling surviving on appeal. “I was bound by D.C. Circuit precedent that I’m not even sure is right,” he said on the trial’s next-to-last day when the jury’s only appearance was to be dismissed for the day.

Leaving the courthouse following his conviction, Bannon said,

“We may have lost this battle here today but we didn’t lose the war. I stand with President Trump and the Constitution and I always will.” Bannon said.

Schoen said he will file “a bulletproof appeal” that, among the “advice from attorney” component, will also focus on the interpretation of “willful” that jurors had to use while deliberating.

And it would seem Professor Dershowitz agrees Team Bannon will win on appeal. He told Greta Van Susteren that Bannon’s conviction was actually unconstitutional.


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This J6 sham is following the same MO as the Russia Hoax did. All they need are headlines and momentary, or completely unimportant convictions. They can take that and spin it into something that sounds bigger and juicer than it actually is, and use it to create this overall appearance of “bad guys” and “crimes.” When in actuality, it’s nothing of the sort. They did the exact same thing with the Russia Hoax, and to their credit, it worked. Let’s hope the American people have wised up a lot since then, and are “hip” to the game the globalists are playing this time around.

I think they are hip to the sham because there is nearly no interest in the January 6th show trials. Nobody cares that millionaire Chuck Schumer’s fax machine was vandalized, especially after watching the left burn our cities to the ground and injure and kill people for 3 months during the “Summer of Love.”

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