The Caption On This Photo of a Flooded Tesla Charging Station BLOWS UP (Pun Intended)

The Caption On This Photo of a Flooded Tesla Charging Station BLOWS UP (Pun Intended)

I always remember as a kid, my mom, and dad putting their cigarettes out before getting out of the car to pump gas. This was back in the days when cars came with ashtrays… remember that? When I was little, both of my parents smoked — they quit when I was older. But as a little kid, I can remember seeing that overflowing ashtray, and still remember the familiar smell of stale cigarette butts. And I remember all the signs at the gas station pumps about putting out your cigs and not smoking around the pump. I mean, it’s obvious, that smoking and gasoline don’t mix, just like water and electricity don’t… and speaking of that, I saw this funny meme featuring a very flooded Tesla charging station and the caption on the meme was so funny, and really bright me back to the good ol’ days. A lot of people must have felt that way because the meme was shared almost 1,200 times.

Here’s what the meme says: You Thought Smoking at the pump was risky sh*t”

Yeah, definitely not a good idea to stand in water and power up anything.

Perfect, right?

Here’s a closeup of the meme:


Here’s what people online are saying:

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“all that green energy just stuck there lol”

“What happens when Apple starts making EV’s and requires a different charging cable for each model they manufacture?”

“Big difference pumping gas vs. connecting a large electrical cable while standing in water.”

“Wonder what electric car people are gonna do when a hurricane is approaching and they’re all trying to get quickly out of dodge at the same time?” 

“It just doesn’t seem safe in an emergency. I can keep gallons of gas in my garage if I need to make an escape but if my electricity runs out in a bad place I could be in big trouble.”

“Electric cars are like golf carts. You drive them as far as the grocery store and take them back home and plug them in. They were not meant to be a “journey” mobile. If you want to go fast and far use Fossil fuels!”

“Imagine being 5 cars back at an electric charging station – and waiting 4 hours to get another 150 miles”

“They need to have some kinda roof over those so your not getting wet while plugging ur car in.. also should probably install some drainage for that lot.. cause well no-one wants to go through ankle deep water.. what a mess.  Nobody is ready for this big change Joe’s pushing” 

“I think this photo symbolizes the last couple years of society perfectly.”

“Someone probably paid a democrat-connected engineering firm millions to design that, and they could even be bothered to think about stormwater. “

“It’s what I ask people who have electric cars. It doesn’t rain much in CA, AZ, etc. but it rains a lot everywhere else” 

“Bahahaha no kidding! Snap, crackle pop and you’re done!” 

While Joe is trying to foist this new “lifestyle” on all of us, it’s painfully apparent that we’re nowhere near ready for anything like that, and may never be.

Rural America and the burbs, and people that travel a lot, can’t use electric cars comfortably. Much of America is just not built to support that lifestyle, and that’s okay. We don’t need to change how we live, just so Joe Biden and his globalist buddies can line their pockets with a new source of “green money.”

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