[VIDEO] People React to Saudi Arabia’s New $1 Trillion Green Housing Project “I’d Rather Die Than Live There” 

[VIDEO] People React to Saudi Arabia’s New $1 Trillion Green Housing Project “I’d Rather Die Than Live There” 

Have you seen “The Line” yet? It’s this new “green” housing project that Saudi Arabia is building in the middle of the desert, and it’s going to cost somewhere around 1 trillion dollars. It’s called “The Line” because instead of building “UP” they’re going across, in a line, down the desert, and they claim this project will house 9 million people, and be some “all-inclusive/live/work/play” type place, that you never leave. Kind of like an aquarium. The people who saw the promo videos today have some very harsh reactions. While some liked the idea of living like a hamster, among 9 million other hamsters, most did not.

NPR reported that a tall and narrow stripe of a city more than 105 miles long, teeming with 9 million residents and running entirely on renewable energy — that’s the vision Saudi Arabia’s leaders have for The Line, part of a “giga-project” that will reshape the kingdom’s northwest.

Newly revealed design concepts show a futuristic walled city — its open interior is enclosed on both sides by a mirrored façade — stretching from the Red Sea eastward across the desert and into a mountain range.

Details emerge about the monolithic city
New stats and designs revealed on Monday include:

It will be only 200 meters wide (roughly 220 yards);
It will rise 500 meters above sea level — higher than the Empire State Building;
Residents will be able to run errands with a five-minute walk;
There will be no cars or roads;
High-speed rail will carry people from end to end in 20 minutes;
It will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to build.
Construction has already begun, and Saudi projections call for 1.5 million people to live in The Line by 2030. The unconventional megacity is part of the government’s ambitious Neom development project, which released conceptual videos showing the city’s high walls enclosing trees, gardens and other plant life, nestling communities among work and recreational structures.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying about The Line:

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“From “don’t build a wall” to “build a wall and live inside it”

“This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of living in a termite colony”

“That mirrored glass façade will be death to birds. Have they thought about how an extremely long structure like that would block land migration routes?”

“Okay, so, setting aside that this sounds like the trailer for a sci-fi horror movie, i also have to laugh that it looks like a giant border wall.”

“Seems like the people who designed this absolutely love city life and think everyone must also love it. I personally don’t want to be sardined into little trendy cubes.”

“So the future is prison, got it.”

“No escaping any virus living in that thing”

“The push for control in that type of structure is easy to obtain. An architectural marvel and amazing in theory (for environmentalists and those activists), but there’s a lot at stake for any sort of individualism to thrive.”

“They tried this in the 1960s with “Projects”—and how did that work out?”

“Why’s it this close to the ocean if the sea levels are allegedly rising at an alarming rate and can’t be stopped?”

“I came up with this same idea a long time ago. It’s the same idea a lot of 11th graders have come up with lol” 

“Is this something out of a dystopian film? Because this feels like a video you’d see in a dystopian film.”

“this looks depressing and awful” 

“This is The Matrix. Literally.”

“Clustering people in close quarters like that makes it easier for government to control everyone.”

“This looks like my worst nightmare. I’m claustrophobic just watching the video.”

“No creativity. No character. The goal is to dull all senses that feel like life. Forget this farce. Hold fast to Christ. He’s the Creator & Author of life and offers it abundantly. The other side can’t compete.”

And here’s another promo video for The Line:

If you ask me, this has “New World Order” written all over it. I would never want to love in a giant pod, right next to 9 million other people. No thank you, I’ll stick with my suburban house and huge front and backyard. How about you?

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