The Mystery of “Pedo Peter”

The Mystery of “Pedo Peter”

Who is Pedo Peter?


Well, according to a lot of people online it’s Joe Biden, or what Hunter has him labeled as on his iPad.

That’s the claim anyway after a group of people on a “controversial” website called 4Chan said they cracked into Hunter’s current iCloud account and accessed much of his information, including text message conversations on his iPad.

Now, nobody has authenticated these claims made by 4Chan, but there are “screenshots” of what they say are text messages from Hunter’s laptop, that are all over the internet.

These 4Chan “hackers” say Hunter labeled his father as “Pedo Peter” on his iPad.

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But even pretending that could be true, why on earth would Hunter call his father by the name “Peter”?

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Well, this MIGHT explain that part:

Thanks to Hunter’s “Laptop From Hell,” back in October 2020, the very hot, investigative conservative website National Pulse reported exclusively that Joe Biden used the pseudonym “Peter Henderson.”


Here’s what National Pulse said about the name Peter Henderson:

While Biden – or “the big guy” – has his real name attached to his private account for some time, it changed around early 2016, going from “Joseph Biden” to “Peter Henderson” in Hunter’s e-mails.

It is unclear whether this change was on Hunter’s end (on his devices) or on Joe’s, but Peter Henderson’s e-mails included messages such as “Keep in touch, Love Dad” and shared links – often about Hillary Clinton.

In Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, “Peter Henderson” is the name of a KGB mole that infiltrated the United States government.

So, if what 4Chan says is indeed true, the “Peter” part makes sense.


And given all the photos and videos we’ve seen of Joe nuzzling and touching young girls throughout the years, and with what his daughter Ashley said about “inappropriate showers” with her father, the “Pedo” part also makes sense.

There are some rumors that this iPad was shared between Hunter and his niece Natalie, who is the daughter of Beau and Hallie… Hallie, you’ll recall, is the widow Hunter had an affair with.

I am not sure how true that is, or what significance it has, but some people say that.

Here’s what others are saying online:

“Sooo… Joe Biden’s daughter wrote that he took inappropriate showers with her and Hunter referred to him as “Pedo Peter” … I’m sure there’s nothing to see here, everyone move along!”

“Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, refers to his father as “Pedo Peter”? Maybe #HunterBiden is the smartest man Joe knows? Ashley writing about “showers with Dad” and now #PedoPeter.”

“I dont know how the corporate press, which reduces Pride month to mimosas, kissing and walking around shirtless, is going to report on Hunter having his Dad stored in his contacts as Pedo Peter. There’s too much there for them to integrate it into their narrative”

“Joe Biden on Hunter: “He is the smartest man I know.” Hunter Biden on Joe: “Pedo Peter””

Broke: “Sleepy Joe”

Woke: “Pedo Peter”

Joke: “Mr. President”

I don’t know if we’ll ever find out the truth here, but a big step towards getting there is someone verifying this information.

Although, I don’t know if anyone will ever do that, since it was “hacked.”


At least with Hunter’s laptop, it was him who left it at the repair shop, like an idiot.

So, for now, “Pedo Peter” remains a mystery.

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