[VIDEO] “The View” Ladies Trash “Good Guy With a Gun” Who Killed Mass Shooter in Indiana Mall

[VIDEO] “The View” Ladies Trash “Good Guy With a Gun” Who Killed Mass Shooter in Indiana Mall

The left doesn’t want there to be “good guys with guns,” because it goes against their narrative and it doesn’t work with their brand of politics.

It’s the same reason they don’t like to talk about Chicago’s tremendous gun violence because the Windy City has some of the strictest gun laws in the country… so if “gun control” doesn’t work there, why on earth would it work anywhere?

Yeah, that’s a tough question for the left to answer, so they’d rather not talk about it.

And the same theory goes for “good guys with guns.”

Liberals don’t want those “good guys” to exist.

As a matter of fact, the left, specifically the hags who host “The View,” would prefer as many people as possible die in these mass shootings, because that advances their political agenda.

You can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices when these haggard shrews discuss the “good guy” in Indiana, who likely saved hundreds of lives because he was packing heat — they hate him.

Bizpacreview reported on what the hosts said:

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“They say that a good guy with a gun can control a bad guy with a gun. Well, we saw in Uvalde that that’s not true,” Behar proclaimed. Whoopi Goldberg agreed, noting the Buffalo shooting as another instance.

Lindsey Granger, the show’s token Republican, rose to the occasion and noted the obvious: “But we saw that it is true in Indiana.”

“It was true in Indiana,” Behar rejoined. “That was a lucky moment.” A few more “lucky moments” like that and mass shooters just might think twice before embarking on a shooting spree. Later in the show, co-host Sunny Hostin also claimed that Dicken was just lucky, and slandered him by suggesting he was breaking the law by carrying his gun into the mall.

“But with this good Samaritan thing,” she explained, “listen, I was trained, when I was at the Justice Department, in firearms. And I was trained in defensive firearm training. It is very hard to hit a moving target. It is hard for people that are trained to hit a moving target. It is very lucky that that good Samaritan hit that moving target in that way.”

“He had a gun permit but he wasn’t supposed to be in the mall with a gun,” Hostin insisted. “So he broke the law, even though he was a good Samaritan.”

These women are soulless bats.

You can watch the video below:

By the way, the reason Governor Abbott didn’t attend the funerals of Uvalde students is because the parents asked for privacy and he respected that.

These women are the poster hags for monsters.

They’re not the “good guys” in any sense of the word, and it shocks me that there are people that still watch this toxic show.

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