Look Who’s Returning As a Host On “The View”… an Actual Conservative

Look Who’s Returning As a Host On “The View”… an Actual Conservative

I find it hard to believe that anybody still watches “The View.” If they just stuck to talking about celebs and pop culture, I think they’d be fine. But when they start talking about politics, it’s painful to watch. The View cat ladies are dummies when it comes to politics or social issues or guns. They don’t know what they’re talking about and they end up spewing out endless piles of lies and fake news to nearly 3 million people a day. And at least when Meghan McCain was on the show, the hissy catfights were fun to watch. Now, they have these weak fake conservatives who have zero backbone and agree with everything the liberal ladies are saying. But all of that may be changing because one strong-minded conservative is coming back to The View, and she will probably stir things up again.

Page Six reported that Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced Wednesday that she will be guest co-hosting “The View” beginning Aug. 3. The “Fox & Friends” alum, 45, previously had a seat at the ABC morning talk show’s table from 2003 to 2013 during seasons 7 through 16. “It will be an honor to co-host ‘The View,’ share our bestselling children’s book, ‘Flashlight Night,’ and as always tackle hot topics!” Hasselbeck gushed to People of her temporary return. “Pray for me y’all!” the Daytime Emmy winner added.

She also shared the news via Instagram, telling her followers, “It’s true!”

Hasselbeck’s announcement surfaced amid reports that Alyssa Farrah Griffin will be replacing Meghan McCain, who exited the show in October 2021.

Many people are surprised by this move since Elisabeth left the show because it was so incredibly toxic. Isn’t that why most people leave the show? Because working with horrifically awful human beings like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar is a fate worse than death? Seems that way.

And speaking of Whoopi, this news about Elisabeth comes on the heels of Whoopi actually being forced into issuing a live/on-air apology to TPUSA, after she accused thousands of innocent teenagers of being “Ne0-Nazis.” Here’s what Whoopi said: “In Monday’s conversation about Turning Point USA, I put the young people at the conference in the same category as the protesters outside, and I don’t like it when people make assumptions about me and it’s not any better when I make assumptions about other people, which I did. So my bad, I’m sorry.” You know that had to pain her. But Whoopi is becoming a liability. She just came off that 2-week suspension, after she offended all the Jews with her insensitive comments about the Holocaust.

Maybe it’s time to replace angry, unhinged Whoopi? Perhaps that’s why Elisabeth is coming back? Hmmm…

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