[VIDEO] VICTORY: “The View” Caves to Pressure and Issues a Public On-Air Apology to TPUSA

[VIDEO] VICTORY: “The View” Caves to Pressure and Issues a Public On-Air Apology to TPUSA

Well, it happened. The cat ladies on “The View” were forced to cave and apologize on-air to TPUSA after the group threatened to sue the pants off of ABC. This all happened because of Whoopi Goldberg, who is becoming a liability on that show. She’s so full of hate, that she can’t even see straight and she and the other cat ladies are spreading lies and propaganda, in order to help the sagging Democrat Party. Here’s what happened: Yesterday, The View & Whoopi Goldberg smeared and lied about TPUSA regarding an incident where supposed “nazis” showed up outside of the Student Action Summit. While they were forced by their legal department to correct two of these misrepresentations live on air, Whoopi continued to insist that TPUSA somehow welcomed “nazis” into our event “metaphorically.”

After a group of Antifa and left-wing protesters showed up, predictably, to protest our event, they eventually dispersed, then minutes later these “nazis” appeared. Who are these people? We have no idea, and apparently, ABC and other news media aren’t curious enough to find out. TPUSA students confronted and argued with these individuals. Our security attempted to remove the “nazis” but were unable to intervene because they were standing on the public sidewalk. TPUSA students ultimately left the scene, at which point these individuals dispersed.

You can watch the video below:

In the past when this sort of thing happened, where leftists used situations like this against them and called them “racists” and “Nazis,” conservatives would cower, or issues apologies. Not any more. This time, TPUSA stepped up and FOUGHT like hell, and that caught the cat ladies off guard. TPUSA issues a “cease and desist” order and threatened to sue ABC if they didn’t issue a public apology.

Well, today, that’s exactly what they did. They said sorry and retracted the lies they spewed.

“The View issues an on-air clarification and apology to TPUSA following its threat to sue the program over the hosts’ remarks about neo-Nazis at their summit: “So we apologize for anything we said that may have been unclear on these points.”

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Notice how they didn’t have the person who was responsible, read the apology? Whoopi Goldberg should have been the one to apologize. As a matter of fact, if I was TPUSA, I would have demanded that it be Whoopi as part of the cease and desist. Instead, Whoopi sent them to a commercial break after the apology, and you can clearly see the look of anger and annoyance on her face. She got beat, and she knows it.

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