Desperate Dems Try, But Fail Miserably to Sabotage President Trump’s Upcoming Alaska Rally

Desperate Dems Try, But Fail Miserably to Sabotage President Trump’s Upcoming Alaska Rally

It’s amazing… the Dem Party is dying. It’s literally on life support, and instead of pumping new life into their party, with fresh ideas and plans to boost the American people, they’re focusing on “sabotaging” President Trump.


TDS is literally the most dangerous disease that’s plaguing our nation.

It’s turned half of the country into political zombies. We really need to find a cure.

In the meantime, these sickly Dems are running around like chickens with their heads lobbed off, unable to focus on anything but President Trump.

While Biden is crashing in the polls, and Dems are readying themselves for a RED tsunami, left-wing activists refuse to reevaluate their policies and agenda, or demand new, fresh ideas… instead of asking “why” America is rejecting their entire platform, they’re trying to “ruin” Trump’s upcoming Alaska rally.

And as usual…they’re failing, miserably.

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Must Read Alaska reported that while Democrat activists have been busy trying to figure out a way to tie up tickets for the Trump Save America rally on July 9 at the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Alaska Airlines Center, it’s not working.

On Twitter, Trump detractors have been sharing ideas for how to reserve tickets they don’t plan to use. The effort has fallen flat, because the free tickets to the Trump rally do not actually reserve a seat — they are first-come, first-served. The line for the July 9 rally opens at 6 am. The free ticket signup is mainly to help organizers of the event — the Trump organization — understand how many people to expect.

The Alaska Airlines Arena on the campus of UAA holds 5,000. Only those with purchased tickets are guaranteed a seat, and those tickets are limited. Those who show up and stand in line are not guaranteed to get in.


“If people want to skip the line and buy a guaranteed seat, they can contact the campaign at [email protected] and we will send them a link,” the Kelly for Alaska campaign said.

A political action committee for Sarah Palin for House and Kelly Tshibaka for Senate also announced a special event planned for before the rally to raise money for the two as they seek offices in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. The “Alaska First Fund” is a subfund of the Save America Leadership PAC affiliated with Trump.

Since forming, the Save America PAC has received $124.4 million in contributions and still has significant reserves.

This is typical of the entire Dem Party.

Just focus on Trump.

Trump hate is what fuels their entire political party.


People didn’t vote for Biden, they voted against Trump… and Joe didn’t get 81 million “legal” votes. I don’t care what anybody says.

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