UPDATE: Family Says Tony Dow Isn’t Dead

UPDATE: Family Says Tony Dow Isn’t Dead

UPDATE: In a strange twist, the family of Tony Dow is saying that there was a mistake made. Mr. Dow’s wife thought her husband had passed away, but he was still alive and in hospice. So, he’s still fighting for his life. Breitbart has the update: The statement announcing that actor Tony Dow, forever immortalized as Wally Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver, had died has been retracted after his wife mistakenly believed he had passed. On Tuesday, a statement put out on Dow’s verified Facebook account stated that he had died after being placed on hospice care in his battle with cancer. Dow’s management team later retracted that statement after being given false information from the actor’s wife.

“This morning Tony’s wife Lauren, who was very distraught, had notified us that Tony had passed and asked that we notify all his fans,” the update post said. “As we are sure you can understand, this has been a very trying time for her.”

“We have since received a call from Tony’s daughter-in-law saying that while Tony is not doing well, he has not yet passed. Tony’s son Christopher and his daughter-in-law Melissa have also been by his side comforting him, and we will keep you posted on any future updates,” it continued.

Though Dow has not passed away and is still receiving hospice care at home, his son Christopher Dow told the media that Tony is “in his last hours,” according to Deadline.

“This is a difficult time. Dad is at home, under hospice care, and in his last hours. My wife and I are by his side along with many friends that have visited. He has a fighting heart,” Christopher Dow wrote in a Facebook post late Tuesday.

The famous “Wally Cleaver,” who brought so much wholesome, good fun into American homes back in the 50s, has died today, at the age of 77.

The Daily Caller reported that Famous actor, director and producer Tony Dow died Tuesday morning at the age of 77.

“Tony was a beautiful soul — kind, compassionate, funny and humble. It was truly a joy to just be around him,” his team said in a statement announcing his passing, according to TMZ.

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Dow, best known for his role as Wally Cleaver on the “Leave it to Beaver” sitcom that ran from 1957 to 1963, is being remembered for his many contributions to the world of entertainment. His exact cause of death has not been revealed, but he had been battling cancer since May 2022, TMZ reported.

His management team had previously issued an update on Dow’s health July 20, describing it as being “a rollercoaster of ups and downs as Tony continues his fight with cancer.” The “Leave It To Beaver” actor had been “in and out of the hospital with various complications and treatments,” according to that update.

Members of his team took a moment to reflect on the Dow’s legacy and his many years in front of the camera entertaining his fans.


Very sad.

Rest in peace, Wally, you were loved.

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