Vegan Mother Faces Life in Prison For Starving Her Child to Death On Raw Vegetable and Fruit Diet

Vegan Mother Faces Life in Prison For Starving Her Child to Death On Raw Vegetable and Fruit Diet

I could hardly bring myself to read this story. It’s so gut-wrenching, but I decided it was important, not just for me to read it, but for others as well, because maybe this can JOLT some people back to reality.


I’m a Millennial and I see a lot of this vegan stuff online from people my age, and what was once just a fad or a fringe lifestyle decision has become almost “religious-like.”

It’s everywhere… I mean, everywhere.

There are a lot of big social media influencers who are pushing this “raw vegan diet,” and it’s not healthy.

I’m sorry, it’s not.

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These “extremes” are not healthy on any side of the spectrum. All these crazy carnivores who only eat meat are nuts, and all these insane vegans, that only eat raw fruits and veggies, are loons, too.

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People should eat a balanced diet, and if as an adult you don’t want to do that, so be it, but if you have kids, they better be eating in a healthy, balanced way, with plenty of calories.

Because if they don’t and they die of malnutrition, you could go to jail for the rest of your life… and I promise you, nobody in prison will cater to your stupid food fetishes.

That’s exactly what just happened to a Vegan mother, who literally starved her young toddler to death, by keeping him on her crazy diet of only raw fruits and vegetables.

Now, justice has prevailed, and that wildly irresponsible mother will go to prison, possibly for the rest of her life.

Good riddance. 


The New York Post reported that a Florida vegan mother has been found guilty of murdering her 18-month-old son after only feeding him raw fruits and vegetables.

Sheila O’Leary, 39, is facing life in prison after a jury convicted her Wednesday of murder and a string of child abuse charges over the 2019 death of her toddler, Ezra O’Leary, the News Press reported.

Her little boy weighed just 17 pounds — seven pounds below average — when his parents noticed he had stopped breathing.

O’Leary and her husband, Ryan O’Leary, told police that Ezra followed a strict vegan diet — but that he was also breast fed.

They said the boy hadn’t eaten for about a week prior to his death and was having trouble sleeping.

An autopsy found the little boy died of malnutrition complications.

Prosecutors accused the mother of failing to seek proper medical care for her son when she realized he was ill.

“She chose to disregard his cries,” Assistant State Attorney Sara Miller said during closing arguments.

“She didn’t need a scale to see his bones. She didn’t need a scale to hear his cry.”


Her husband is set to go on trial for the exact same charges.

Let’s hope the same justice awaits him.

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