[VIDEO] Joe Tries to Fire Up Dems For 2022 Without His Teleprompter… Everything Goes Downhill Fast

[VIDEO] Joe Tries to Fire Up Dems For 2022 Without His Teleprompter… Everything Goes Downhill Fast

Well, the Handlers are probably tossing back 5 gallons of vodka, after this latest disaster from Joe.


I guess when you look at it compared to the other stuff he does, it’s not so bad, but when you factor in that he was actually trying to “rally the troops” for 2o22, and this was his battle cry, well then it starts looking like the worst thing he’s ever said.

The first problem was that it was Joe Biden trying to speak.

That is always the first strike against him.

The next big issue was that he didn’t have his gigantic jumbo teleprompter, so Joe was “free-wheeling.”

He was “spit-ballin'” literally and figuratively and it was a bloody mess.

So, let me tell you what Joe was trying to say:

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“I want to tell my Republican friends, get ready pal, you’re gunnin’ for a problem!”

But here’s what Joe actually said slurred:

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I want to tell my Republican friends, get ready bal, you’re gonna in for a problem!”




Good grief, how on earth would that inspire anyone?

If I was a Dem and I heard that speech, I’d excuse myself and go update my resume.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“What we see is the best they can produce out of him, I can’t imagine how incompetent he is in private…..”

“Can we just give the big-guy 10% of our GDP if he agrees to step down because at this rate it would be the cheaper alternative than what he has planned!”

“We need to stay unified…” one person clapped LOL”

The confidence to which he bumbles through this is just chef’s kiss”

It’s amazing how much of a tough cookie Joe Biden is. Yesiree, Bub. That’s one tough-talking disaster, there. “Excuse me, Mr. President. You just crapped your pants and walked into a wall.” “Listen, Pal! I’ll take you behind the, the, the…you know, the thing. End of quote. Repeat the line.”

“Hahahaha! And to think he’s smarter than anyone who voted for him….”

For someone that has others fighting his battle for him he sure tries to sound tough.. and fails miserably. Five decades of failures right there including his very own family.”

“Unified, the democrat voters and senators ask Joe not to run in 2024”

“The new 3 Stooge’s, Joe, Kamala, & Jill.”

“Get ready pal, hunters laptop has a lot of info ready to be exposed. We are coming!”

What a stain Biden and his entire family are on this country.

And he’s too narcissistic and far-gone to even realize it.

He actually thinks he’s still some political “bad ass” who’s takin’ names and kickin’ butt.


This man needs a reality check and a diaper change, stat.

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