[VIDEO] After HUGE MAGA Wins Last Night, Adam Kinzinger Looks Like He’s About to Cry Again

[VIDEO] After HUGE MAGA Wins Last Night, Adam Kinzinger Looks Like He’s About to Cry Again

MAGA had a huge night last night. Our movement won all over the dang place, and we retired yet another TDS RINO in Michigan. Peter Meijer, who voted to impeach President Trump got the boot, and was replaced by a MAGA candidate who was backed by President Trump. But wasn’t just Michigan, we won big in Arizona too, beating out Pence and McConnell’s establishment shill. Kari Lake, the ultra MAGA candidate, won against Karin Robson.

Although, for a while there, the race looked too close for comfort, but then Kari pulled away, and now, it’s a done deal.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec said it best: “The @KariLake victory in Arizona represents a tectonic shift in the Republican Party The rising New Right can defeat the money of the establishment The ground has shifted”

But that wasn’t all, here’s the complete list of last night’s MAGA wins:

John James (MI-10) Tudor Dixon (MI Gov) John Gibbs (MI-3 defeated impeachment R) Blake Masters (AZ Senate) Kari Lake (AZ-Gov) Mark Finchem (AZ Sec State) David Farnsworth (AZ- State Sen beats J6 Rusty Bowyers) Eric Schmidt (MO Sen)

Our movement is on fire, folks… and the RINOs know it, and they’re feeling mighty defeated.

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Adam Kinzinger appeared on CNN, where he looked like he was about to cry again. He’s desperately trying to “smooth over” the epic Meijer loss in Michigan by claiming Dems helped his opponent win by sinking money into his campaign. Why would they do that? Well, Dems think a MAGA candidate will be easier for them to beat in the general election — something that’s completely untrue.

And what the DCCC did, financially, had zero bearing on the outcome of the race. This is just Kinzinger trying to make himself and the rest of the loser RINOs feel better.

Here’s the truth that crybaby Adam won’t admit because it hurts too much… Peter Meijer had $5m bucks backing him. The DCCC spent less than 10% of that. So, the reality is that Meijer lost because he abandoned the issues that matter most to his voters. He was an anti-family, pro-trans, and anti-Trump agenda traitor to the good people of Michigan who voted for him.


So, while Kinzinger wants to pretend that Meijer lost because of the DCCC, that is totally wrong, and he’s only saying that to “save face.” MAGA shellacked the RINOs all over the place last night, and Kinzinger knows it, and I hope he cries himself to sleep about it for the next month.

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