[VIDEO] Alec Baldwin Spins Crazy New Story After FBI Finds He 100% “Pulled The Trigger”

[VIDEO] Alec Baldwin Spins Crazy New Story After FBI Finds He 100% “Pulled The Trigger”

Alec Baldwin has always maintained that he did not pull the trigger of the gun that killed his cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. Baldwin first made the bizarre comment on ABC News. Well, that claim can now be put to rest; as the FBI has concluded their investigation of the gun and determined that, yes, Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger of the gun. So, he can no longer say he didn’t do it. But do you think that is stopping Alec?

No. He is sounding very desperate now, as the Rust story, which went cold for a while, heats back up. Many experts say the report from the FBI not only makes Alec’s civil litigation more difficult to wade through, but it also opens him up to the possibility of criminal charges.

After all, he was the producer of the movie.

Baldwin, who appears to be in major “damage control” mode, appeared on Chris Cuomo’s new podcast, where he offered a new excuse for why Halyna was shot — once again, claiming he did not pull the trigger, and then he deflected from his own starring role in her death, by saying it was the person who placed the live round in the gun who is to blame.

OK! Magazine reported that Alec Baldwin is sticking by his claim that he did not pull the trigger that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his movie Rust, rather insisting the “only” question to ask is who put the live round of ammunition in the prop gun.

Joining Chris Cuomo on his new YouTube show, The Chris Cuomo Project, for an interview published Tuesday, August 16, the embattled actor told the host that everybody on the set of that fateful day knows what actually happened — and everyone else is just out to ruin him.

“Everyone on set knows what happened that day,” the actor said, pointing out the people shouting “loudest” about what they think took place weren’t even there. Taking aim at publications reporting on the fatal mishap, Baldwin continued, “It doesn’t matter what you do — the ones that are out to get you are out to get you.”

And while he is frustrated by all of the alleged fake news circulating, Baldwin emphasized the “real” victim is Hutchins. “To focus on one thing — I am not the victim here. Things for me are going to get better, cleared up. I am 1000% sure.”

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Baldwin has insinuated that Assistant Director Dave Halls and Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed are responsible for the fatal incident after they declared the gun “cold” when it was “hot.” The 30 Rock alum reportedly said more checks should have been done on the prop weapon.


I hope they throw the book at him. He was the producer of the movie. It was HIS responsibility to make sure it was a safe environment, and it clearly was not.

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