[VIDEO] Many People Saw Joe’s Small Rally Crowd, And Wondered Where the “81 Million” Went

[VIDEO] Many People Saw Joe’s Small Rally Crowd, And Wondered Where the “81 Million” Went

I guess the 81 million who supported Joe didn’t get the memo that he’s out on the campaign trail, stumping for Dems. I can’t say I blame them, nobody realized unpopular Biden would crawl out of the basement this midterm season. He’s so unliked and unable to speak, that anyone would logically assume they’d keep “dementia man” as far away from races as humanly possible. But I guess the Democrat voters in Maryland have very low expectations because that’s where Joe went, to campaign for Wes Moore, who must be a “lock” otherwise I can’t see why they’d drag this buffoon out on the campaign trail.

But he and We Moore did not bring a very big crowd. We’re used to seeing President Trump’s “midterm” rallies that are massive, and filled with energy, passion, and excitement, so seeing this really drab, low-energy, sparse high school gym was a shock. Especially for the most “popular” politician in US history. The confused old guy who got 81 million legal votes, and toppled the Obama “Hope and Change” movement and President Trump’s MAGA movement, should at least be able to pack a high school gym, right?

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online had to say:

“He’s in blue Maryland and this is his crowd? But yea 81 million votes” 

“Some kids walking around in there like “What the heck did they do to our gym?” There were actually many people there. They were outside viewing and purchasing Hunter’s art before the speech. lol” 

“I wonder how many of those people were there because they support Joe Biden & think he’s doing a wonderful job as president? & I wonder how many of them hate Trump more than they love their own country & refuse to admit to themselves that they were wrong?”

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Can you imagine the line Trump would have down the road/city/county/state if he tried to have a rally in a high school gym?!?

“Trump’s overflow wouldn’t fit in a high school gym, but this guy is the most popular and beloved politician in the US? Really?”

“I noticed that. They fill the bleachers behind him to make it look like a bigger crowd. And the camera never showed a different angle in the clips they put out.”

“Remember Hillary’s high school rallies? Her gyms looked like this, too” 

“Camera tricks make it seem like he can fill a high school gym. He can’t” 

Can you imagine wanting to actually leave your house and go listen to what Bumbling Joe Biden, of all people, has to say?


Good Lord, this is all political theatre.

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