Journalist Reminds Biden That The US Military Won’t Turn on “Right-Wing Americans” For Him

Journalist Reminds Biden That The US Military Won’t Turn on “Right-Wing Americans” For Him

They dragged Joe out of the basement yesterday and plopped him on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania. It was a disaster; he didn’t even know why he was there; he got the candidates all confused. But that was small potatoes, compared to the low-key threat he made against all right-wing Americans. Joe Biden hinted that the US Military would turn on right-wingers who don’t agree with him. This seems to be a new “theme” with Joe, doesn’t it? The man is so riddled with dementia he can’t control his words or his emotions. The reason he sounds like an unhinged senile old man is because that’s precisely what he is.


The comments caught a lot of people off guard and made many feel really uncomfortable. One columnist for the New York Post named David Harsanyi reminded Joe Biden that the US military would not turn on their countrymen and murder them for Joe Biden.

Here’s what David said:

1) It’s highly improbable the military would start murdering their countrymen b/c some bloodthirsty president ordered them. One imagines that a large-scale insurgency would only be sparked by cataclysmic events that causes a fissure in the military as well.

2) Biden should be aware that modern armies have a hard time crushing insurgencies equipped with small arms. There have been hundreds such deadly, drawn-out uprisings around the world over the past 70 years, including in Iraq and Afghanistan.

3) By arguing that legal guns are no match for an F-15s, Biden is making the case citizens should be able to more easily own powerful military-grade weapons. That’s why the Second Amendment exists, as a bulwark against tyranny.

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But, anyway, Biden’s statement is just insane.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Interestingly enough, men equipped with small arms can capture and then utilize more powerful weapons and vehicles. Or, they can locate and destroy them. It has always been this way, from catapults to cannons to F15s.”

“The same people who say that democracy itself was brought to it’s knees by an unarmed dude in a viking hat are now saying that our guns are useless against them.”

“Americans don’t need F-15s, they just need to be the fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers of the people flying the F-15s.”

“Biden has always talked very tough for someone who has been protected by a taxpayer-funded security force for at least 2/3 of his life.”

“Most military take their oath to defend against ALL enemies foreign and domestic seriously. Unlike “president” dementia”

And to make this whole thing even more ridiculous, Joe Biden likes to tell “gun-carrying” Americans they can’t overthrow the US government, but in the same breath, we’re also told by Biden that a group of Boomers with fanny packs and water bottles almost overthrew the US government.

Give me a break.

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