[VIDEO] Remember When Joe Kept Pointing Out The Guy Who Was Carrying The US Nuclear Launch Codes?

[VIDEO] Remember When Joe Kept Pointing Out The Guy Who Was Carrying The US Nuclear Launch Codes?

All this talk about nuclear codes got me thinking about the times when Joe Biden, repeatedly kept giving away nuclear secrets while campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Biden, who often liked to look like “The Big Guy,” was telling small crowds at Clinton rallies he was being followed around by a military aide who was carrying the nuclear launch codes. This was highly inappropriate and upset many people. It certainly was none of our business, nor the business of weirdos out there to know that Joe Biden had the nuclear launch codes with him at freaking rallies.

He looked like an idiot back then, and that was before his brain turned to complete mush.

Free Beacon reported that Vice President Joe Biden repeated a gaffe from last month on Thursday when he pointed out the military aide who travels with him carrying the nuclear launch codes.

Again criticizing GOP nominee Donald Trump as unfit to be commander-in-chief during a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Ohio, Biden cited the responsibility of holding the nuclear codes.

“He has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and guess what? That’s OK sometimes … But I’ve got a military aide with me carrying a briefcase,” Biden said, pointing to his left. “No, I mean this sincerely. That briefcase has the nuclear codes in it and, God forbid, if something happened to the president and a decision had to be made, I open it up and the nuclear codes are there. Just imagine giving this guy access.”

The crowd laughed, and Biden grew stern.

“No, no, no, I really mean it!” he said. “Imagine giving this guy access to the nuclear codes. A guy who says how he’d consider using nuclear weapons. A guy who talks about how may other countries should become nuclear powers. I mean, my God.”

He did the same thing last month during his first appearance alongside Clinton:

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Speaking in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Biden assailed Clinton’s Republican opponent Donald Trump as not being worthy to know such sensitive information.

“There’s a guy who follows me, right back here,” Biden said, pointing behind him to the right, “has the nuclear codes, so God forbid anything ever happened to the president and I had to make a decision, the codes are with—he is not qualified to know the code! He can’t be trusted!”

I guess the left didn’t care about “nuclear etiquette” back then. Shocker.


He did it again here:

Here’s what people were saying about this 5 years ago:

“Sorry, Uncle Joe, I missed the exact spot where the guy with the codes is standing. Could you do that again? Thanks.”

“Imagine giving Biden a mouth, a microphone, and access to nuclear codes!”

“Each time he says this he gets more specific. First the guy carrying it, now the location of them on the man. The next one is going to be the launch codes themselves.”

“This dude has completely lost his ever loving mind!!”

“<face plant>! And this guy has shotguns at his house. Should we close the “Joe Biden” loophole?”

“Thanks for sharing the location of the ” Nuclear Codes” Uncle Joe”

“Now this really gives me the willies”

“Danielle Byrd

“Oh my lord, what is wrong with this guy?” 

“How are these people still allowed to speak in public? First Biden, then Hillary with the Nuke response time. I don’t support Trump but I sure as Hell am not going to vote her into office.”

“And now this guy thinks He’s the president.”


Again, those were comments from FIVE years ago… Joe has been going downhill for a long time. This didn’t just start, and it’s accelerating at warp speed.

Anyway, this just goes to prove that when it comes to “nukes” our politicians have always been rather loosey-goosey. Remember when Hillary announced the “launch times” during the third debate with President Trump?

But now, because something involves President Trump it’s suddenly THE END OF THE FREAKING WORLD, but this other stuff, was a-okay.

Very tire of the theatrics and hypocrisy.

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