Something Very Strange Occurred at Biden’s Beach House

Something Very Strange Occurred at Biden’s Beach House

It seems like nothing is ever “normal” when it comes to this comically fraudulent Biden admin. But what’s really exhausting is watching the media’s double standard. I mean, we all know by now that our media is a complete propaganda joke, right? Nobody really takes them seriously, do they? How could you? Because after everything we watched these hyper-emotional goofbags do when Trump was in office, compared to how they now behave with Joe, is laughable. If President Trump had a typo in a tweet, it was news for a week. Joe Biden can’t go one day without slurring, screwing up a sentence, causing a national security issue, or saying something that has to be walked back by his Handlers, yet, it’s practically crickets from the press.

Joe gets a pass for appearing to have a raging case of dementia.

And then there are Joe’s habits… he can go eons without speaking to the press or giving a network interview, and nobody seems to have a problem with that. If Trump did that, it’d be breaking news for a week. And what about all these vacations Biden is taking? It’s starting to feel like he spends more time at his Delaware home than he does at the White House. And recently, he left one South Carolina vacation to start a new one in Delaware… what is this guy so tired from? We know it’s from not “working.”

But something very strange happened during this most recent vacation to his beach house.

Biden didn’t come outside for three whole days. He did not step a foot outside of his home for three days.

Does that seem odd to you? Does it also seem odd that the media didn’t care?

Daily Wire reported that Joe Biden capped off his lengthy vacation without stepping out of his beach house for three straight days, and the self-proclaimed “defenders of democracy” in legacy media do not seem to care that much as to what exactly he is doing behind closed doors.

On Tuesday, Politico’s West Wing Playbook wrote a cheeky headline: “TRULY BIDEN HIS TIME (sorry)”

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“All week/weekend long, the White House reporters camped out in Rehoboth Beach, Del., waited for Biden to leave for a nice bike ride or walk on the beach. And waited. But after decamping from Wilmington for his beach house in Rehoboth on Saturday evening, the president didn’t do much of anything,” Politico’s writers observed. “As of this newsletter’s publication, he hasn’t been out in public for three days.”

It is a bit weird, is it not? The president can go AWOL for three straight days, and the media does not blink an eye.

A lot can happen in 72 hours. The Taliban, for example, can retake Afghanistan. That calamity happened last year when Biden was on vacation, prompting him to cut his time-off short.

Of course, we know that the media has had a bit of a hands-off approach throughout Biden’s three-part two-week vacation.

Ten days ago, reporters asked Biden — pedaling by on the beautiful beaches of Kiawah Island, South Carolina — whether or not he would speak to the press.

Biden said, “No.”

The response from the press gaggle wasn’t a condemnation of his administration’s lack of transparency, rather it was a round of laughs.


When President Trump was in office, he couldn’t pick up a glass of water or walk down a slick, rain-soaked ramp without the entire media apparatus coming unglued and descending upon the “story” like a pack of starving wolverines.

But Joe Biden heads to his vacation home and then does not STEP ONE FOOT out of his house for THREE ENTIRE DAYS and all we get is a goofy fluff piece from CNN and some half-hearted lame write-up from Politico?


I wonder, does the media notice they do this stuff, and they don’t care, or do they have their heads shoved so far up their own bums, that they don’t even realize their own clownish hypocrisy?

Either way, they can’t be trusted, and as a result, neither can our government.

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