[VIDEO] Joe Sways, Slurs, And Can’t Read His Teleprompter, So He Tries Unsuccessfully to “Ad-Lib” LOL

[VIDEO] Joe Sways, Slurs, And Can’t Read His Teleprompter, So He Tries Unsuccessfully to “Ad-Lib” LOL

It looks like COVID kicked Joe’s butt something fierce. He’s so weak, he’s now swaying like an old rag doll in the wind. And his words are so slurred, you can’t even understand what he’s saying, the blabbering and stammering are painful to watch, not because I feel bad for him, I am far beyond that, Joe can rot in a nursing home for all I care. I feel bad for America, that we have this senile fraud running the country into the ground.

As you know, on August 8th, Joe Biden’s communist admin unleashed the FBI against his potential 2024 opponent. They raided President Trump’s home, ransacked, and broke into his safe. By the looks of Joe, I don’t think he even knew what was happening; the man is so far gone; I think a bowl of oatmeal knows more. But, he’s the “puppet face” of this admin, so he gets the blame…although, he’s refusing to talk about it, even when reporters scream questions at him.

Maybe it’s because his brain is so fried today — worse than usual. While giving a speech about *God knows what* Biden was desperately trying to talk about NATO… of course, Biden can no longer read his teleprompter if there are over six words on the screen, so whatever he was trying to say ended up sounding like ground up sausage. He started swaying, and then his words were just jumbled and then his entire train of thought when off the rails and he tried to “ad lib” the moment… I am sure you imagine how well that turned out, right?

You can watch the video below:

Joe Biden sounds like a drunk hobo trying to explain how to cook a can of beans.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Wtf is this old fool saying…”

“Clear as MUD!”


“He’s fine really. It’s just a childhood stutter. LOL” 

“I seriously can’t believe we’re all living with this drooling moron pretending to be president” 

“81 million votes here folks” 

“Dark Brandon shows he is no better than regular Brandon when speaking.”

By the way, Joe is actually wrong about the origins of NATO — it was formed to challenge the military organization called “The Warsaw Pact.” This group created a coordinated military force across Eastern Europe. So, not only does Joe sound like he’s downed half a bottle of scotch, but he also doesn’t even know what the hell he’s talking about.

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So, we have a Dementia fake president, who’s a complete dullard, to boot.

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