[VIDEO] Biden Looks Like The “Wizard of Oz” in Michigan, and There’s a New Addition to His “Flash Cards”

[VIDEO] Biden Looks Like The “Wizard of Oz” in Michigan, and There’s a New Addition to His “Flash Cards”

Joe Biden appeared via “Wizard of Oz” in Michigan, yesterday. Biden, who was struck down yet again with COVID, is back in isolation. Joe’s face was on the screen, just floating there, behind Whitmer in the most strange “Man Behind The Curtain” way. The Handlers are really hell-bent on making it seem as if Joe is the one “in charge,” so they have him appearing via video all over the country. As if, we all wouldn’t be better off if this senile goof would just stay in his basement. But sadly, this “Truman Show” fake presidency keeps rolling on. Biden’s Oz appearance in Michigan coincided with a big win for President Trump; as RINO Peter Meijer bit the dust, and Trump’s candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon, won the GOP primary.

It was a great day for President Trump and the America First movement in Michigan, and Joe Biden was there to witness it, as a dusty old hologram.

People definitely were getting a really weird and creepy vibe from this video.

And his flashcards are back. Only this time, they have pictures.


Does his team think THIS looks better than just giving the guy a few days off? Amazing.


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Here’s what everyone is saying online:

“What the heck, he looks like the man on the moon back there” 

“Is there nobody on Joe’s team who has any conception of what OPTICS mean?” 

“He couldn’t run a flea’s minibike around the inside of a cheerio.”

“sniffing the hair of our democracy”

“Biden sounds like when someone unplugs the Lincoln exhibit at Disneyland. “Four score and serrrven yorrrrrrrs…..””

“If the dude has COVID, just sit this out. Nobody needs him around anyway, why are they dragging this old man outta bed?” 

“If he were just mega-stoned all the time, I don’t think he could do worse.”

“This feels like a really bad sci-fi movie” 

“Actually, he’s running us straight into the ground” 

“Did he cal Whitmer GOV? lol probably forgot her name” 

“Every time he says “look” you know it’s about to be a disaster”

There is nothing “normal” about any of this. But for Joe Biden and his sham “presidency,” it’s the best they can do… and as he gets worse, this sham will get worse, too.

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