Rep Boebert Has a Very Dire Warning For Any New IRS Agents

Rep Boebert Has a Very Dire Warning For Any New IRS Agents

There’s been a lot of talk about “87K new IRS agents.” And while I am not entirely sure what the IRS will do with the nearly 80 billion dollars that Joe Biden gifted them over the next 10 years, I do know they’ll be likely hiring a lot of new folks… and that makes Americans feel very nervous, and rightfully so. We’ve got vets living on the streets, wide-open borders, with drugs and sex traffickers pouring through, not to mention hordes of illegal aliens, and Joe Biden is gifting the IRS 78 billion bucks. You can’t even make this stuff up.

When we talk about “America Last,” this is exactly what we mean. Politicians who are trying to make this bloated, red-tape government even bigger and slower, and more convoluted, instead of fixing the issues that are causing us the most problems. We should shrink the IRS, not turn it into a new “military force.” But that’s Joe Biden for you… he’s a crooked career politician, with a head full of mush.

But there’s some good news in all of this. Sure, the IRS may go on a hiring spree very soon, but Rep Lauren Boebert has a message for the new hires. She’s telling them not to get too comfy because the new Republican Congress will NOT be funding Joe’s IRS army.

So, if they were smart, they’d bypass the IRS job, and go to work in the private sector.

Good advice, Lauren!

Here’s what Rep Boebert said: “Know that those 87,000 new IRS agents will be defunded. If you’re applying, be prepared to be laid off. You should find work in the private sector instead. There is no way Republicans will let this IRS abomination stand.”

I am telling you, the expectation for this new Republican congress is off the charts.

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If they don’t step up and come barreling in like rabid wolves, and absolutely tear Dem’s plots and schemes to shreds, there will hell to pay.

We are pissed off, and we expect to see a political sh*t storm of epic proportions.

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