[VIDEO] One of Trump’s Biggest Haters Admits Garland’s In Way Over His Head, Trump Will “Slaughter” Him

[VIDEO] One of Trump’s Biggest Haters Admits Garland’s In Way Over His Head, Trump Will “Slaughter” Him

I don’t agree with much of what Deep State swamp rat John Bolton says here, except that Merrick Garland is in way over his head. That part I do agree with, and I also agree that President Trump will win, in the end. But I have a feeling it’s going to be a long, exhausting road.  The Daily Caller reported that Attorney General Merrick Garland is a “lamb” about to be “slaughtered” by former President Donald Trump, former National Security Adviser John Bolton said Tuesday on CNN.

CNN’s “New Day” host John Berman asked Bolton to comment on the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) objection to releasing the search warrant affidavit. Bolton said Garland is “being overwhelmed” politically but that his legal reasoning seems legit.

“I think it says there are very significant problems here for President Trump and many of his advisers, post-presidency,” Bolton said. “But I think we’ve got to distinguish between the legal battle that’s going on and the political battle. I think the Justice Department position sounds perfectly reasonable on the legal battle.”

Bolton, however, said when it comes to the political side of things, Garland is being “overwhelmed.”

“If we were in a Colosseum with two gladiators, one of them Donald Trump, the other Merrick Garland, we’d be about to witness the slaughter of the lambs. The Justice Department understandably wants to follow its normal procedures. It’s facing an adversary who couldn’t care less about the normal procedures.”

Bolton did say that the department is “not doing enough” to justify why the search warrant on Mar-a-Lago was executed.

“They’ve got to do more to explain what they’re up to,” Bolton said, saying the DOJ needs to have a better PR strategy. “And they’ve got to think of creative ways to justify it to a very skeptical public, in many respects.”


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The American people can see what’s going on here. We watched Hillary Clinton, with her 33K highly classified emails stored on an unsecured server near her toilet, not to mention bleaching hr hard drive while she was under a subpoena, and she was never “raided” was she?

This is yet another witch hunt. It’s following the same playbook as the Russia hoax, right down to the smallest details: the DOJ is now opposing the release of the underlying warrant that would shed more light on the Aug. 8 raid, saying it would risk “the integrity of an ongoing law enforcement investigation that implicates national security.”

Surrreee… Just like the FISA warrants, right, guys? You can’t show that stuff, or we’ll see what’s REALLY going on.

We’ve seen this show before and it’s getting really old.

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