Trump’s CCTV Tapes Could Be The One Thing That Brings Down The FBI

Trump’s CCTV Tapes Could Be The One Thing That Brings Down The FBI

I am a big fan of political blogger Don Suber. He’s always got very interesting topics and takes. I saw a piece that he did today that caught my attention. It was on the CCTV tape the Trumps have of the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago. We did a piece earlier today on that tape. Eric Trump told Hannity that the Trump family watched the raid in real-time, from New York City. Can you imagine sitting there seeing strangers pawing through your things and your wife’s closet? Disgusting. Eric also told Hannity that the family would release the tape for the public to see when the timing is right.

Here’s that clip of Eric Trump on Hannity:

We also learned that there almost wasn’t a tape.

The feds reportedly requested the security cameras be turned off, and they were. But President Trump’s lawyers stepped in and had them turned back on. And that could have been the FBI’s undoing. That’s what Don Suber thinks could happen, and I hope he’s right.

Don knows how the FBI operates, and he started his piece by talking about DC Mayor Marion Berry, and how the FBI entrapped him on a tape, which resulted in an indictment.

They had him on tape having an affair with a woman who was not his bride and using coke. That was enough to indict him.

But when the case came to trial, his lawyers demanded the FBI show jurors the whole tape. And for 83 minutes, the court saw Berry’s ex-girlfriend, Hazel Diane “Rasheeda” Moore, try to get Berry to do drugs.

When he finally did, the FBI quickly arrested him. He uttered those infamous words: “Bitch set me up.”

Once the jury saw the entire tape, they had no choice but to acquit him.

And that brings us to President Trump, who also has a tape.

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A tape that may very well change everything.

Don goes on to discuss how closely guarded the tape is. CNN says they’re not even sure if anybody outside of the family and lawyers has seen it.

What’s on that tape?

And people inside the Trump camp say that it’s not a matter of “if” the family shares the tape.. it’s a matter of “when.”

Don says the FBI fears the tape and points to a Washington Examiner article, citing former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe claiming there would be “deep concern” within the bureau if that video was released. Of course, McCabe cited “national security” and the safety of the FBI agents, but Don believes it goes way beyond that. He thinks the FBI is scared stiff that their overreach was captured on video.

Don believes things could get so ugly, that the FBI agents who conducted the raid could actually face obstruction of justice charges, and that tape could be “exhibit A” in their trial… a trial that takes place in Florida, not in the DC Swamp.

I don’t know if it’ll play out that way, but I hope Don is right. He offers a lot more “meat” to back up his theory, so I’d encourage you to head over to his page to read the article.

You can read it here.

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