Chris Pratt’s Wildly Successful New Patriotic Amazon Show Has Left-Wing Critics SOOOO Pissed Off

Chris Pratt’s Wildly Successful New Patriotic Amazon Show Has Left-Wing Critics SOOOO Pissed Off

The American people are so done with all this woke nonsense, especially in entertainment. You’ve noticed most all the TV shows and movies with a heavy woke agenda have failed miserably. Netflix has suffered so badly from their mega-woke agenda, that now, they’re scaling way back, and making the woke stuff much less prevalent. Americans want to see happy movies and watch inspirational streaming shows. They don’t want to be preached at and lectured about social issues by clueless dummies who have no moral compass whatsoever.

That’s why movies like the new Top Gun Maverick have done so incredibly well, and also why so many patriotic songs are smashing iTunes records. People are craving those “feel good” movies and songs. And speaking of that, they just released another great “feel good” series. This time it’s from Chris Pratt, and it’s very patriotic. The series is called “The Terminal List” and it’s streaming on Amazon, and while critics HATE IT, the American people, love it.

And when I say liberal critics hate it, I am not joking… Washington Examiner wrote: members of the left-wing media and movie critics are not pleased with Amazon’s The Terminal List.

The series follows a Navy SEAL, portrayed by Chris Pratt, as he works to uncover why his platoon was attacked during a high-stakes secret mission.

A report from the Daily Beast calls it “an unhinged Right-wing revenge fantasy,” while a review from Variety called the series a “Military Vanity Project for a Charisma-Free Chris Pratt. It’s “a dour, miserable sit, one that would be tough to take as a two-hour film, and has been inexplicably ‘roided up to eight hours.”

But that’s okay because we the people love it.

Western Journal reported that “The Terminal List,” an Amazon Prime Video series starring and produced by Christian actor Chris Pratt, is the second-most watched streaming show in the United States.

Despite mixed reviews from critics, audiences have eaten up the series, which follows a PTSD-stricken Navy SEAL attempting to uncover a vast government conspiracy.

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Some critics have attempted to frame “The Terminal List” as right-wing propaganda, with an article from the left-wing Daily Beast going so far as to call it “an Unhinged Right-Wing Revenge Fantasy.”

Nevertheless, viewers love it — it has “universal acclaim” with an 8.7 Metacritic user score — and the official Nielsen ratings prove it to be a massive success.

Chris Pratt’s “The Terminal List” is shooting up the rankings with 1.6 billion minutes streamed in just one week. Yet again, there appears to be a big disconnect between the critics (40% on Rotten Tomatoes) and the fans (94% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Here’s the trailer for the show:

For the week of July 4-10, “The Terminal List” ranked second in terms of minutes streamed in the United States.

The series was viewed for a total of 1.56 billion minutes, according to Nielsen — behind only Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” a show that has also been praised by some conservatives.

The critic-review aggregate score for “The Terminal List” on Rotten Tomatoes stands at a mere 40 percent.

But as usual, the public no longer listens to “critics,” who’ve proved they know nothing, and are so biased, and politically motivated, that nothing they say can be taken seriously, or actually matters. Actually, it’s probably a good idea to do the opposite that critics say. If they tell you something is terrible and don’t watch it, that’s probably a good clue that you need to sit down and binge the whole thing.

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