[VIDEO] FBI Agents Are Now Calling For Chris Wray’s Resignation

[VIDEO] FBI Agents Are Now Calling For Chris Wray’s Resignation

The walls are actually closing in on Christopher Wray. He was tasked with cleaning up the FBI, and honestly, it’s gotten a thousand times worse under his pathetic s0-called “leadership.” Wray is probably one of the greenest, and slimiest Swamp Creatures in DC. He’s the face of the “Deep State” and is cut from the same ecloth as Comey is. And for the longest while, we didn’t think anybody inside the FBI cared about fairness and the Constitution, since nobody has spoken up. But that’s over now. The flood gates have opened, and whistleblowers are coming out of the woodwork, to call out the FBI’s dirty deeds. And now, agents are even calling for the resignation of Christopher Wray.

We are told there are now some 20 FBI whistleblowers who have come forward, claiming the bureau is rotted with political bias. We’re also being told that Merrick Garland is doing everything he can to stop the leaking. Here’s what former law clerk for Justice Gorsuch said: “Attorney Garland Merrick Garland just sent out a message to everyone at the Justice Department, ordering no one may contact Congress. (My source: Congress.) Why didn’t he order a similar gag on the inappropriate and illegal Justice Department leaks to the media? Coverup.” He also said this: “My former boss @ChuckGrassley, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, may have strong words for Garland. And Grassley has been a strong champion for whistleblowers, especially at the Justice Department, for decades.”

Hannity’s opening last night is a must-see.

You can watch the video below:

Clearly, the bureau is in disarray and chaos, thanks to the politicization from the left. Poll after poll shows that the American people believe that the FBI has been used as an “arm” of the Biden/Democrat regime. And why wouldn’t they? Look at how Dems have been treated, with gentle kid gloves, while the hammer has been thrown down against anyone who is a Trump supporter. It’s very clear what’s happening, and it’s wrong.

This is the sort of stuff they do in China and North Korea, not America. But at this stage of the game, the new Democrat Party is nothing more than a communist reboot, and that’s why they must be voted out of office in droves.

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